Hot Mess Hudgens: From Trashy To Classy

Mar 13, 2011 By Amy

Vanessa Hudgens, who’s known for her good girl Disney image, decided to take her sex appeal over the deep end with this Details magazine editorial simply titled, “V”! That’s “V” for Vanessa, creative right?

You don’t know have to be a genius to get this shoot either…The concept is centered around Hudgens as she’s placed in or near seductive settings- chair in front of water, water being poured on her, and the standard sexy bedroom shot. I get girls want to feel sexy and beautiful, but there’s a fine line between trashy and classy, you can guess which side I think Hudgens falls on here.

Now, I’m not bashing the starlet; I just don’t think this shoot reflects her natural beauty at all!…This rings especially true when you compare the above shots to her InStyle, “Miss Independent” shoot, which also released this month.  I’d much rather see Hudgens classed up in designer duds, rather than stripped down looking like a hot mess.

What are your thoughts?…Do you like the Details “V” shoot or are Vanessa Hudens’ looks for InStyle‘s “Miss Independent” editorial more up your alley?

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