Mar 14, 2011

Is There A Leighton Meester Impostor In Lucky?

While browsing editorials from the April issue of Lucky magazine, I stumbled upon an editorial that I found very peculiar. Titled, “The Good Life,” the shoot follows around a young socialite as she ventures around the city in trendy clothes. Sound familiar? That’s because this editorial and the model are a little too similar to Gossip Girl and elite Upper East Sider, Blair Waldorf.

Known in real life as Leighton Meester, the actress hasn’t appeared in the magazine since 2008 when she graced the cover. With this shoot being uber GG inspired, I’m left wondering, was Leighton too busy to pose with Lucky? The answer is probably yes. With a Missoni ad campaign, a movie (albeit a bad one- The Roommate), and a busy New York Fashion Week schedule, the starlet has a lot going on. Regardless, that’s no excuse for Lucky to use this Blair Waldorf impersonator…they should’ve held out for the real thing.

Decide for yourself and browse the full editorial on MyFDB!

Professional Credits:

Chris Craymer Photographer
Ye Young Kim Stylist
Kazunori Ueda Hair Stylist
Rie Omoto Makeup Artist
Ana-Maria Manicurist
Veronique Zanettin Prop Stylist
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    not a chance…

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