Mar 14, 2011

Kate Moss Seduces A Teddy Bear and Is A Dior Addict

First she was smoking for Louis Vuitton, now the two videos have surfaced starring the ever infamous, Kate Moss. In one she’s getting drunk with a teddy bear (for a good cause of course) and in the second you can find her getting addicted to Dior.

The first short captures Moss drinking and flirting it up with BBC’s “Misery Bear” in support of charitable organization, Comic Relief- they encourage people to “do something funny for money” on March 18 (aka Red Nose Day in the UK). In regards to the whole schtick, Moss said: “I am always really happy to get involved on red nose day and it was an honour to work with Misery Bear. Comic Relief is a fantastic charity and is close to my heart.”

Watch Moss as she laughs and flirts with the cuddly bear; however once she invites him upstairs for a little hanky panky, poor Misery Bear is left with a fright when he discovers that he’s Moss’ crazy love obsession!

Now Moss turns from funny to fashionable in her ad for Dior Addict Lipstick. This extended 90-second commercial follows Moss as she gets ready for and arrives at Dior’s S/S 2010 show. Swarmed by paparazzi, the model makes her way inside and then mingles with the high fashion crowd post-show. Rumors are swirling that Galliano was cut out from the clip, but that seems only natural given his recent firing from the fashion house.

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