Our Very “Fitting” Weekend Read

Mar 18, 2011 By Vaneza

MyFDB’s Weekend Read hits a little closer to home (or rather the offfice) this week as we’re featuring our Marketing Assistant, McKenzie Dowler’s “The Fitting”. She is out of the office this week for spring break (and while we’re super jealous), we also believe that credit is due where it’s earned and we absolutely love her blog.

“The Fitting” encompasses stylish street style shots along with cool inspiration boards, all created by Dowler herself. Originally from Utah, McKenzie’s style is somehow always chic and cool with a vintage twist. She’s a student majoring in writing with a passion for fashion and all things Chloé, who considers herself a “man repeller”, but rocks all of her outfits with major confidence! Like her outfits, there’s always something we want that she has (see her Alexander Wang booties….mmm).

So head on over to The Fitting this weekend for a fashionable and fun time!

[Images via The Fitting]

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