Robert Pattinson Loves Gator Wrestlin’ On The Bayou!

Mar 11, 2011 By Amy

Edward Cullen, er…I mean, Robert Pattinson shows us that he’s not just an old boring vampire on the latest cover of Vanity Fair, he’s also a down home alligator wrestler on the bayou (that’s a swamp, I think?). I wish I was kidding…but since Twilight is currently filming in Louisiana the mag decided that it was best for Pattinson to take in the local flavor by means of live animal. Luckily for the vamp-turned-swamp-boy, that gator looks pretty subdued!

Shot by Annie Leibovitz- who I can totally see being behind this swamp shoot- Pattinson has to get in touch with his Southern side. Apparently, aside from reptiles, this means sitting around a swamp wearing a hat, taking a ride in a car with the windows down, and of course he’s gotta dabble on a piano to play the blues! He obviously has a lot to be blue about with his international fame and oodles of money…I guess it really is lonely at the top. Don’t feel too bad for Pattinson because he has his new reptile friend to keep him company!

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Professional Credits:

Annie Leibovitz Photographer
Jessica Diehl Stylist
Sally Hershberger Groomer

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