Say Hi To Alexander Wang At Coachella

Mar 29, 2011 By Amy

Yes, you heard right, Alexander Wang will be at Coachella. Apparently the designer is a regular at the event and he’s looking for some inspiration while he takes in all the musical festivities. Plus, I think spotting Wang at Coachella would be the ultimate street style shot!

Wang recently talked about his Coachella adventures to Fashionologie,

Are you going on these big trips for inspiration hunting?
Yes, I’m going to Coachella . . . my yearly retreat. I’m going with friends, four of us. We’re renting a house for the first time, actually — I usually stay at a hotel. I stayed at the Ace [Hotel in Palm Springs] the first time, and that was so far [away from the festival], and then I stayed at another hotel last year. This year we were like, we’re going to rent a house so we can play music at night when we get back and not have people complaining about it, so, yeah.

Anyone you’re really looking forward to seeing at Coachella?
Yeah, Kanye’s headlining, so I’m really excited, and Lauryn Hill’s going to be there. I don’t know, I feel like I always . . . I don’t really care who’s performing, I’m always just like: for the experience, I want to go, and then when I get there I plan out my day . . . you know, see who’s going on. But just those two [alone], it’s worth going for.

I never knew Wang was Kanye West fan, but with Kanye being such a fashion week staple, it totally  makes sense. Kanye already got shot by Karl Lagerfeld, so I wonder if a collab with Wang is next? I also wonder if the designer will opt for white clothes instead of his signature structured black pieces? After all, I hear it gets pretty hot in the desert.

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