Terry Richardson Makes Justin Bieber Beautiful

Mar 23, 2011 By Amy

Justin Bieber fever is turning into the plague. First it was Vanity Fair and now the disease has made it all the way across the pond to LOVE magazine. Why is this teenage boy so popular? And why does a 17 year-old still look like he’s twelve? Oh, wait…it’s because of that stupid haircut.

Bieber currently graces one of the covers forLOVE‘s androgyny issue. The editorial that follows titled, “The Beautiful One” was shot by the infamous Terry Richardson. I’m actually surprised the photog didn’t try to get friskier shots out of Beaver, oops, I mean…Bieber! Richardson, who is known for his jaw-dropping shoots, captures a very mundane Bieber while he’s chillin’ with his guitar and standing around out in a starry t-shirt. If that’s not wild enough for you, itty bitty Bieber also plays dress-up with a black cowboy hat and matching leather jacket.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many men who actually like being called “beautiful,” most prefer handsome, sexy, rugged, buff….you get the idea. Then again…the Bieb’s is hardly a man, so I guess he has to fall under the “pretty boy” umbrella.

Browse the full “The Beautiful One” editorial from LOVE on MyFDB!

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