That’s A Nice “Art Ificial” Ass

Mar 29, 2011 By Amy

Living in a Los Angeles I’ve seen more than my fair share of fake boobs and plastic surgery faces. While I don’t have the urge to go under the knife anytime soon, I do like seeing new artistic twists on trends. Uhh..no I’m certainly not talking about the debut of a new surgery. In turn I’m referring to this “Art Ificial” editorial from Danish publication, Dansk. Fashion editor Simon Rasmussen and photographer Henrik Bulow approach enhanced or altered body parts with an artistic eye. By showcasing a woman’s butt replaced with a curvaceous mold, the shot above definitely had me doing a double take!

From butt to boobs, the focal point of the shot above is clearly the white bra. This model is literally engulfed by bras…big ones, padded ones, ugly ones-they’re everywhere! I love this shoot because it’s so different than the typical fashion imagery and I like that it makes you stop and think for a second.

Browse the full “Art Ificial” editorial from Dansk on MyFDB!

Professional Credits:

Henrik Bülow Photographer
Simon Rasmussen Fashion Editor
Mette Thorsgaard Hair Stylist
Mette Thorsgaard Makeup Artist
Barbara Medo Fashion Assistant
Louise Polano Hair Assistant
Louise Polano Makeup Artist

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