The American Apparel Scandal: Dov’s Dirty Foursome

Mar 25, 2011 By Vaneza

If there’s one thing I love and appreciate, it’s a good basic t-shirt or wardrobe basics in general, which in my opinion is what American Apparel is known for…okay maybe that’s not all they’re known for…

American Apparel or mainly, their founder and CEO, Dov Charney has been at the helm of what seems like hundreds of sex scandals. First there was Irene Morales and now Kimbra Lo, who appeared on the Today Show to publicly talk about the scandal and sexual accusations. And that’s not all, three other women–Alyssa Ferguson, Marissa Wilson and Tesa Lubans-Dehaven–are co-filing with Lo against Charney. This fashion foursome is going to get fierce, but we’ll just have to wait for it’s outcome. And while many of the ads featuring these women have been “magically” removed, MyFDB has a few featuring Ferguson. Check them out and see more of American Apparel’s infamous ads in the database.

For more drama and scandal, watch the video below for Lo’s take on what happened.

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