Apr 9, 2011

Alice In Wonderland – Goth Girl, Punk Poise & Rock N’ Roll!

This great editorial in the latest issue of Material Girl magazine is reminiscent of the fantastic film, “Alice In Wonderland.” There are a few differences of course—a touch of goth girl glam, a pinch of punk poise and of course the rock n’ roll rainbow hair. There are also similarities to the every-popular film—a little kookiness, a little beauty, an outfit that resembles armor, a mad hatter, and of course Alice. The featured model is Lea Grøsland, and yes, she doubling as both the mad hatter and Alice.

The images shot by Petter Karlstrom are incredible. The contrast between Grøsland’s pale skin and hair with her black eyebrows is also quite mesmerizing and intriguing. Another noticeable contrast is the light backgrounds and the dark clothing. All of these little details are driving my eyes crazy, but I must say that they are quite appealing. It’s all about the details! To see more of this magical editorial head on over to MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Andrés Kløvstad Hair Stylist
Petter Karlstrom Photographer
Leigh Dalton Stylist
Sunniva Aarmo Makeup Artist
Andreas Rustad Digital Services
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