Apr 25, 2011

Cheetahs, Fruits & Flowers…OH MY!

I get it! Fruits and flowers are in for spring and summer. I feel like every magazine I’ve come across (which is a lot) has an editorial featuring these trends, along with stripes and color-blocking. At least L’Officiel has put their own twist on the popular trends by combining a baby cheetah, a few bold backgrounds, and some nudity in this “L’Indomptable” editorial shot by photographer Mason Poole. Indomptable translates into English as indomitable meaning, impossible to defeat or discourage. With the energy model Camille Pourcheresse showcases, I’d say it be pretty hard to get her spirits down. Plus, she’s using a banana phone which is just awesome!

Browse the full shoot on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Mason Poole Photographer
Vanessa Bellugeon Stylist
Joseph Pujlate Hair Stylist
Tracey Gray Makeup Artist
Marcel Van Doorn Set Designer
Nicolas Kuttler Fashion Assistant
Sarah Reimann Photographer Assistant
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