Dive Into Tommy Hilfiger’s Preppy Pool Party

Apr 27, 2011 By Amy

I haven’t really thought about Tommy Hilfiger‘s clothing since I was in eighth grade and everyone was wearing the brand’s logo shirts. I was literally on Hilfiger overload at that point in my life and haven’t had any interest in the brand since. That is until now; after catching their commercial on TV last night, I was surprised at how spirited and attention getting their ad was. It falls along the same lines as their print ad campaign, but seeing it come to life instantly put me in the summer spirit.

The commercial introduces “The Hilfigers”, a perfect make-believe model family that likes to hang around the pool and tennis court. The whole ad encompasses a very Hamptons vibe and I looveee the overall aesthetic. You can’t miss model favorites Noah Mills, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Max Rogers, Sam Way, Iselin Steiro along with a pair of lovable basset hounds in the video. Today I found myself taking a second look at the brand’s preppy youthful look and there area few pieces from their S/S collection I’d really like to get my paws on.

Take a look at the video below, but consider yourself forewarned because you’ll be left wishing you were at a pool party the second it’s over. Also, be sure to check out Tommy Hilfiger’s S/S campaign on MyFDB.

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