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Apr 15, 2011 By Amy

Los Angeles-based stylistSydne Summer has made a fashionable name for herself with her signature staple series on her blogThinkThruFashion. From garments to accessories, every month she takes six very different pieces and shows readers how to wear each item six different stylish ways. Summer recently made the switch from a corporate career to working the blogosphere and pursuing hosting & styling gigs full-time, so we were eager to learn more about her take on fashion.

How did you get your start in the blogosphere? And how did you balance blogging while working a full-time job?
I actually got my start in the blogosphere when I was E! Online’s Hollywood Party Girl. At the time, the column was weekly. But I soon turned it into a daily blog. I then became the fashion editor of the Style Network’s website, Mystyle.com. ThinkThruFashion really began more as an outlet for me to express my personal style. The key to balance was having a set schedule. After walking my dog every evening I’d make sure to dedicate at least an hour to blogging, no exceptions!

As a stylist, what’s your take on everyday fashion verse fashion on-camera styling?
Sometimes things that look good in real life don’t register well on camera. Take the sheer trend, for example. I recently wore this sheer top and pleated skirt to an event. But you couldn’t appreciate the fluidity without seeing it in person. So when I’m hosting a segment on camera, or styling a model for a video, I try to stick to more solid colors. And as I’ve mentioned on ThinkThruFashion, brights are always ideal to really pop on camera.

What’s your thought process behind your six monthly TTF fashion staples?
I first think about what trend I want to highlight. This month, for example, is my fave spring trend: colorblocking. Then I try to envision pieces that women might either already have in their closet and items they might want to purchase to update their wardrobe. Once I decide on the staples, I usually spend hours in my closet creating outfits to have on hand so I’m not in a rush getting ready every day.

Now given you’re all about staple pieces, what are six items you think every woman should own?
1. Little Black Dress
2. Black pumps
3. A pair of heels that make you feel sexy the minute you put them on (because no matter your weight you’ll still be able to wear them!)
4. A unique statement necklace
5. A tailored blazer
6. Slim dark jeans

Since the fashion blogging market is heavily saturated, do you think it’s still possible for a new blogger to become noteworthy?

Definitely! The key is starting a blog about something you love, not to make money or become famous. If you blog about something you’re truly passionate it about, it’s likely people will want to follow you. It also helps to have a defining concept. Yes, I post daily outfit shots like many bloggers. But I put a unique spin on it by incorporating a ttF Fashion Staple into every look.

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers? Who do you think is up-and-coming?
Missoni because I’m obsessed with the prints, Dolce & Gabbana whenever I want to feel sexy, Chanel even though I can’t afford it, Rebecca Taylor, Nanette Lepore and Catherine Malandrino for feminine pieces and Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik for heels that never go out of style. As for up and coming, I really like Spanish designer Emilio de la Morena for his incredible use of color. Wes Gordon is another one I’m mesmerized by. He’s so young but his clothing is already so sophisticated.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry professionals?
It may sound corny but I’m a firm believer that you should seize every opportunity. Even if an internship or job doesn’t sounds like it’s your dream, you never know who you’ll meet at the position that can help you later in life. And really try to have a good attitude to everyone no matter what their title may be. An assistant today could easily be a high level person you’ll need to work with in the future.

Awesome advice and a huge thank you to Sydne Summer for taking the time to talk to MyFDB. Be sure to check out her blog ThinkThruFashion this weekend!

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