Foreign Fashions: India & Japan’s Fashion Weeks Hit Global Spotlight

Apr 25, 2011 By Amy

It’s not just New York, Paris and Milan having all the fashion week fun…Believe it or not, fashion weeks happen in various cities globally year round and two new destinations are quickly catching the eyes of major editors and buyers–Japan and India.

First up is India, whose Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai “saw about 40 percent more buyers than the last season” according to WWD. The country also has another fashion week, Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week in the city of New Delhi. Sujal Shah, head of fashion for IMG India said of the major increase, “International buyers are definitely making a move to come to India, he added, with a bulk of buyers from the Middle East and Europe but a growing interest from the US.”

These fresh looks from designer Babita Malkani above demonstrate why the country is receiving so much attention- bright colors and electric fabrics make for interesting and attention-getting garments.

Now let’s move onto Japan, whose fashion week future was sadly up in the air after the country’s devastating earthquake shook the country. However, the destruction did manage do to one good thing: bring the media spotlight to the nation’s designers. Brands such as G.V.G.V. and Christian Dada are receiving rave reviews for their new collections.

As you can see Christian Dada’s garments are hard to miss with their exaggerated shapes and bold headwear. With an array of textured fabrics and prints the brand presented an eye-shot collection for fall 2011.

For designer Mug (a previous Uniqlo collaborator) and her G.V.G.V. line the theme for fall was “Wanderlust” with the idea of a girl going back to school in Britain. Lots of plaid and leather skirts make her school yard rounds for the upcoming season. I also think these clothes are very LA- you can already spot similar garments making their rounds in Silverlake.

Be sure to check out Lakme Fashion Week and Japan Fashion Week for more fashions.

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