Miranda Kerr: The Same Before, During & After Baby

Apr 19, 2011 By Amy

Normal people stop eating and exercise like crazy to look good in a bikini, Miranda Kerr simply had a baby. The new mom shot for Victoria’s Secret this past weekend. I know that’s not shocking as she’s one of their most prized angels, but what is crazy, is that she gave birth just a mere three months ago! Not normal I know. But�if you trace her appearance before and during her pregnancy, then her body bounce back isn’t quite as shocking.

Kerr is a peitite woman to begin with and models are paid the big bucks for a reason–this being their appearance is already stunning. So it comes as no surprise that Kerr was already super slender, as you can see from the above shoot she did with Vogue Italia.

Now during her pregnancy, she of course had that stunning prego lady glow and stripped down to pose for Vogue Australia. Kerr is clearly all belly and appears to have gained almost no weight in her arms, face, or anywhere else for that matter.

Now lets move on to the “after” shot, where Kerr posed clad in a black string bikini this past weekend. I’d say her body hasn’t changed at all, but again that’s why she’s a model and I’m sitting here eating carbs.

You can see more images of Miranda Kerr on MyFDB.

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