Model Myf Shepherd’s Imperfections

Apr 15, 2011 By Amy

Believe it or not, models aren’t perfect and actually do have imperfections just like you and I. Myf Shepherd, who recently made her way back to modeling, covers the latest issue of Helmet magazine (which is new to MyFDB). Myf, along with her modeling pals, gets shot with little makeup complimented by hair that looks like it’s in the process of being dyed for the publications cover. With the cover doting Helmet‘s definition of imperfection, (1. A fault, flaw or desirable feature 2. The state of being complete) it’s fun to see the models get captured by photographer Ned Rogers with a very au natural look. Besides Myf, models Hirschy, Eliza Humble, Juliana Forge (below), and Matilda Price are shot in this “Close To Imperfection” shoot!

Browse the full editorial and the team behind the scene on MyFDB!

Professional Credits:

Ned Rogers Photographer
Clare Byrne Stylist
Nick Brinley Photographer Assistant
Lores Giglio Hair Stylist
Luana Coscia Makeup Artist

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