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Apr 4, 2011 By Vaneza

If there are two things I can appreciate when it comes to fashion it’s definitely personal style and a good blog. Two very obvious aspects of fashion that are usually overlooked or never done right together….That is, unless you are Los Angeles based blogger Jazzi McGilbert, also known as Jazzi McG.Jazzi got her start as an intern at Teen Vogue (pretty rad, right?) and since then has continued to dabble in a variety of projects including styling, media and writing just to name a few. MyFDB was lucky enough to chat with the super cool Jazzi and like us, we promise you will want to hang out with Jazzi after you read her answers below!

Is there anything exciting you are currently working on or would like to share with our readers?
AnOlsenboyecampaign I did in partnership with my blog, as well as a Nike Sportswear project that I styled. I’ll definitely update my blog and twitter with more details. I also penNylonsL.A. daily edition.

Describe your style in 10 words or less:
Moody and free-form.

What are some of your favorite fashion blogs to read?
I’ve zoned-out a little with all the Fashion Week re-hashing, but I’ll never gloss over “Style Bubble” by Susie Bubble for style, “Business of Fashion” for in-depth news, “Fashionologie” for happenings and my buddy Jayne of “Stop It Right Now“for hilarity and inspiration.

What’s your take on Los Angeles fashion in comparison to New York fashion?
There used to be a bigger style divide, but with the internet inspiration exchange and more and more people coast-hopping, the styles are blurring.

Where can we find you:
When you’re in need of a good cup of coffee:
I don’t drink coffee, but I love a good boba/bubble tea! The Nijiya market on Sawtelle & Urth Caffe are the best.
When you’re grabbing a drink with friends:
Umami for burgers and a Pranqster.
When you’re wanting to get away:
Morongo Casino, because there’s zero risk of bumping into anyone I know. Except maybe my Grandmother. Or I’ll just pull off PCH and sit for a while.
When you’re in search of that last minute one of a kind dress/item of clothing:
Shareen Vintage, Geronimo by Jenny Reyes or the Echo Park Independent Co-op.

And lastly any advice for industry hopefuls?
It depends what avenue of fashion you’re going into, but in general: get acquainted with more than just the clothes and look to build your foundations not just your “network.” Sure some people get on great by networking! networking! networking! but I’ve found that just a few genuine, natural connections can be even more of an asset. It can all get so phony, so it’s nice to have real friends or a mentor in this industry.When interning and assisting, watch closely, keep a journal and master the basics… how to take a proper phone message, fill out shipping slips and send a professional e-mail. Not to get philosophical, but I find this industry to be like a game of chess; you have to know how all the pieces move before you can maneuver them. And of course, there are always cheats.

Very true! Great advice and inspiration.Thanks once again to Jazzi for taking the time to chat with us and don’t forget to check out Jazzi’s blog!


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