Tiffany Kunz Talks Eco-Conscious Jewelry & Design

Apr 1, 2011 By Vaneza

When it comes to jewelry, anyone who knows me knows that I am one very finicky person. I usually rock just the basics, which for me are diamond studs, my name necklace (a la Carrie Bradshaw) and a ring or two…But, when it comes to design, I totally believe less is more go for classic yet unique pieces, which is why when I came across Tiffany Kunz Design I immediately fell in love. I squealed with happiness and purchased a very simple (and functional), yet cool ring (see photo below). MyFDB recently had the chance to chat with the lovely Tiffany, read our interview below…Oh! and don’t forget to enter our giveaway!

1. How did you decide on jewelry as a profession?
My Grandmother was a jewelry designer so I grew up around it and was in love with with gemstones as well.  I started designing for fun when I was engaged and made earrings for my bridesmaids.  From there it was a gradual progression of working at companies doing production and design.  I love the technical side of fabrication so I took classes to improve and learn but am mostly self taught.  I eventually went to school for Gemology as well.  It was all very natural feeling, the most natural profession I have been involved in actually.

2. What sets the Tiffany Kunz Design from other eco-friendly jewelry collections?
I really admire all designers that are striving to be eco-conscious.  There are a number of fine jewelers that are pioneering the movement but not a lot of Fashion jewelry designers.  My collection falls in between fine and fashion so I feel it is hitting a nitch that is otherwise untapped.

3. Are there any other projects in the works, what can we expect from you next?
There are always a million different projects going on in my head.  I try my best to decipher what can translate well into actual pieces of jewelry and move forward with those.  Right now I am trying something totally new for me.  I am working on resurrecting a collection my grandmother was creating.  My Grandfather sent me some of her pieces recently.  Most of the designs require stones so I am thrilled to get to use my gemology background to complete the collection.  I haven’t worked with stones in a few years now due to the inhumanity that is connected to the mining of them, so it is a breath of fresh air to be able to reclaim all of my grandmother’s rough stones and bring them to life.

4. If you could collaborate with anyone in the fashion industry who would it be and why?
I am quite obsessed with Rodarte.  I would love the challenge I feel they would present to collaborate with one of their amazing collections.  I also really love their down to earth perspective on the fashion industry, it is refreshing!

5. When it comes to design, where do you draw your inspiration from?
I get inspiration from the oddest things!  Mostly shapes I see around LA or on my travels, cracks in a sidewalk, peeling tree bark, anything can spark an idea.  Many times I am just fascinated with creating something that seems like a ridiculous notion and then make it possible and comfortable to boot!  I drive myself crazy with challenging myself to design and create things that are beyond my skill level as a metalsmith.  Many times I figure it out and many times I fail.  It is a fun and frustrating process.

6. What piece of jewelry can you not leave the house without?
Lately it has been a bracelet; The Melange bracelet or the row bracelets.  My favorite thing is always changing though.  I like to wear the bold bracelets with studs and a fabulous ring.

7. Do you have any advice for fashion industry hopefuls?
Be confident and bold in your inspiration and delivery, but take constructive criticism without being defensive.  Listen to all the advice you are given and then sift through it to find what applies to you specifically.  And last but not least, be kind to everyone you meet and be genuine during networking opportunities.

8. Given that today is April 1st, what is best (or worse) April Fool’s experience you’ve had?
Oh man!  April Fool’s Day is my Dad’s favorite holiday so there are too many to count.  He is a master trickster so the best for me was the first time I ever fooled him.  I don’t remember exactly what I said but I think I told him I had a flat tire or something and no tools to change it.  He was really sweet and concerned, I felt so bad after that I had worried him but he was proud of me that I tricked him!

And now for the giveaway!
Tiffany was generous enough to offer our readers a set of three row bracelets from the Strata Collection (valued at $225) upon entering the contest.

To Enter:
First, head to Twitter and follow MyFDB (@MyFDB) and Tiffany Kunz (@tiffanykunz)

Then, tweet the phrase:

I’m entering the @MyFDB and @tiffanykunz jewelry #giveaway

Official Rules: Readers can tweet the phrase as many times as possible. The giveaway is open to US residents only and the winner must be following both MyFDB and TiffanyKunz. A winner will be selected at random and notified via direct message. This giveaway closes on Friday April 22nd 1:00 PM (PST).

A huge thanks once again to Tiffany Kunz, for more beautiful jewelry check out her official website.

[Images via Tiffany Kunz Design]

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