Want To Smell Like Justin Bieber? (Not an Aprils Fools Joke)

Apr 1, 2011 By Vaneza

I always look forward to the first of each month…for me, it’s like a clean slate…new goals are set and ready to be met. However, I can also say that I am huge fan of April Fools Day  because anyone who knows me, also knows that I will fall for just about everything (call my gullibility a weakness, I know)…

There were “rumors” of the release of scented dog-tags from the Justin Bieber empire but leave it to trusty WWD to confirm it…Yes, it’s true…the “Bieber Fever” has officially become a plague as the teeny bopper is planning to launch his own set of fragrances…And hey why not? Everyone else in the music business is doing it, including Riri….According to WWD the plan began when Bieber and Etoile Nation Beauty got together and launched the My World Collection of scented dog tags and wristbands (exclusively at Wal-Mart). Since then they have chosen to expand their collection with two new designs, One Less Lonely Girl and Never Say Never. The new additions — infused with a pomegranate fragrance — will be available for $10 each at CVS and FYE stores within the next few days.

Oh, but wait! There’s more (to this joke)…Biebs is also planning on launching his personal line of dog tags infused with fragrances. What and why?! Want one? It will come at a cost as customized ones start at $100 (yeek). I don’t know about you but I can think of a lot of other cool things that say ‘I love you’ instead of a scented dog-tag. First nail polishes and now this!? Considering Biebs is known for his tresses I thought hair products would be first…guess I was wrong, maybe it was too obvious?

Want to know what the fancy-schmancy dog tags will look like? Check Biebs rocking them in his latest video below titled “That Should Be Me” featuring Rascal Flatts.

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