YSL’s Peep Toe Problems

Apr 8, 2011 By Amy

Here’s any easy question for you…What do you think of when you see red soled stilettos? If your first reaction was Carrie Bradshaw, then you’re not too far off. The real answer is Christian Louboutin‘s signature heels. The red soles are a staple at fashion weeks and movie premieres around the globe. But, how would you feel if a major fashion house started producing a red sole shoe for themselves? Probably confused,  but let’s dive into the litigations for ourselves. First we have the plaintiff, Christian Louboutin who is claiming that a shoe from Yves Saint Laurent‘s new collection bears the same red sole that the brand is known for. For fear of consumer confusion Louboutin is suing YSL over the design.

Court papers state: “The defendants use of red footwear outsoles that are virtually identical to plaintiff’s Red Sole Mark is likely to cause and is causing confusion, mistake and deception among the relevant purchasing public as to the origin of the infringing footwear.”

Louboutin does have strong case, but lets take a look at the defendants new collection and past designs. Rolling out this spring we can expect to see the now infamous Palais Peep Toe Pumps that’ll be available in red, purple, navy, and green suede. Like the red pump, each shoe’s color will have a matching sole. The shoes above are past YSL peep toes and you can clearly see how each shoe’s hue corresponds with its sole. So this color on concept isn’t exactly new for them.

YSL has yet to release a statement about this lawsuit and I’m no Nancy Drew, but I’m pretty sure the fashion house did not intentionally copy Louboutin. But, does Louboutin own the copyright to all shoes with a red sole? We’ll just have to wait and see how this fashion fight plays out.

What are your thoughts?

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