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May 30, 2011 By Amy

MyFDB has talked to many established players in this crazy fashion world and with it being graduation season, we wanted to round up some of their thoughtful advice for all of the aspiring fashion industry hopefuls out there. You don’t necessarily have to be a grad, as this advice is meant for everyone out there working towards a career goal and establishing themselves.

Here’s what the pro’s had to say and click on their names to read their full interviews with MyFDB.

Creative Director of Elle magazine, Joe Zee
“Stay committed. This industry isn’t without its pitfalls and hurdles but if ultimately this is what you want to do, stick with it. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve achieved your dream.”

Stylist and designer, Rachel Zoe
“Intern everywhere and anywhere you can. Work your butt off and learn as much as you can.”

Designer, Rebecca Minkoff
“Be persistent and follow your dreams.”

Designer, Prabal Gurung

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. There is always a way to follow your dreams no matter how long it takes to get there.”

Model and jewelry designer, Molly Sims
“Intern, Intern, Intern. If there is someone who inspires you or that you look up to, get your foot in the door and be part of the pulse!”

Makeup artist and Revlon’s Global Artistic Director, Gucci Westman
“Experience is everything, do as much as you can, and don’t be too concerned about the money in the early days, hopefully that will come later.”

Designer and CFDA award winner, Billy Reid
“Get with a company, or collection you admire and do anything to get your foot in the door. Good things will happen from there if you bust it.”

Teen Vogue‘s Beauty & Health Director, Eva Chen
Intern! Intern, intern, intern! I get so many people who come to interview and love fashion but then I look at their resume and it’s like there’s nothing on their resume, not even retail. [Even] working in retail is a great thing because you learn about what people like, what looks good on people and you also learn to work with other people which is so important. Having a thick skin is important because alot of the time, when you are applying for jobs in the magazine industry people apply to ten jobs and you only hear back from two. When I started in the industry, that was so discouraging. It’s important to remember to be persistent and also not to take things personally, because for every ten resumes you send out, keep in mind only two to three people might write back. You want to develop relationships with those two to three people so that they blossom into job potential or they point you on the right path to meet the right person who could offer you a job. Be professional. A lot of people will show up to an interview wearing Uggs and leggings and you just can’t do that. Dress for the job you want and remember that you want to project the most professional and positive image of yourself. At the end of the day when someone hires you they are spending forty to fifty hours a week with you, so you want to be the most positive and professional you can be.

Diesel’s Head of Strategic Brand Alliance, Stefano Rosso

“Do everyday what you really really really love and if you think something is good, its nice, you believe in it; just do it. Don’t ever go to compromise because nowadays if you compromise, you’re just doing something that somebody else is already doing. So you’re never going to win… The only way you are going to win, is if you have a strong idea and go all the way through with it.”

Prop Stylist and P.S.-I Made This founder, Erika Domesek
“My advice is lay out what you don’t want to do and get passionate about things you love to do in your everyday life. Don’t look at it as a job, but get involved in the community. Volunteer and assist as many people as you can. I can’t tell you how many sets I have assisted on, how many shoots I did, how many fashion shows I’ve worked on. So many of these things were creative and cool and it just never ended; I got so much knowledge in so many different areas. Surround yourself with smart people that you look up to.  I remember going to [prop stylist] Janine Trott‘s site and seeing her stuff and just thinking ‘Wow that is somebody whose work I love’. Try to reach out to these people, be aggressive, and bold, put yourself out there for things you are passionate about. Immerse yourself.”

So there you have it, advice from some of the industry’s best! Are you inspired?

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