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May 5, 2011 By Amy

He almost studied architecture, now he’s collaborating with Crown Royal Black on a series of luxury bags and he also designs for Silvio Liu and if that’s not enough he also has his own line…I’m talking about designer Brian Wood. While the name may not be one you recognize, this creative mind is making waves in the fashion industry.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry? Did you always want to be a clothing designer?
It was so spontaneous! I kind of just jumped into it! I grew up with a fine art background, and when it came time for college I was deciding between architecture and Fashion Design and made a last minute decision to major at Pratt Institute in Fashion Design, the rest is history! It’s funny because my sister and I used to always fight on Saturday mornings, she wanted to watch a fashion channel and I wanted to watch cartoons! Designing clothes was something I never thought about growing up!

What current projects do you have in the works?
Currently I am collaborating with Crown Royal Black on a series of luxury bags for their new marketing campaign “The Weekend Traveler” + “The Big Boi Knapsack”. I am also working with Alpha Industries on a t-shirt capsule collection and a traveling installation that celebrates Alpha’s 50th year anniversary. [check out a video of the event]

And last but certainly not least I am in the early stages of planning for my LA-based B Wood Concept Shop this summer!

Where did the design inspiration for your womenswear collection with Silvio Liu come from?
SILVIO LIU’s fall/winter 2011 collection spawns from a dark place of mystery and surprise around every corner I pulled inspiration from the centuries old profession of Dominatrix. I envisioned empowered women still in touch with their softness and feminity. Think chic with a bit of a tough-girl attitude. Strong silhouettes with an aggressive nature are balanced by soft flowing wool knit jersey and silk chiffons. Delicate dresses are styled with outerwear pieces creating a new city chic.

Music seems to have an influence on your lifestyle brand Bwood, so what’s currently on your playlist?
Frank Ocean, Weeknd, Anthony Cruz, Ghostland Observatory, Lil B Da Based God

Please sum up your personal style in five words.
Effortless, Layered, Random, Casual-Chic, Fun

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?
Love it or Leave it!

Awesome advice, short and to the point. A big thank you to Brian Wood for taking the time to talk to MyFDB.  For more from the designer visit his official site.

[editor update: the designer has since parted ways with Silvio Liu]

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