Feel Preppy With Zoe Kravitz And Vera Wang

May 20, 2011 By Amy

With stripes, color blocking, and school girl style being all the rage this season, it’s no surprise that the preppy trend has been making its way back into the mainstream. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren have been creating preppy looks for years and now Vera Wang, with a little help from Zoe Kravitz, has gotten in on the action. With the debut of the fragrance, “Vera Wang Preppy Princess” the designer’s brand is capturing a youthful market with her luscious, woody, fruity scent that blends succulent red berries, honeysuckle and sensual woods.

The eclectic feminine, but edgy perfume is perfect for girls of all ages and is made for princesses that are “born to rule.” Okay, we know that last line was slightly cheesy, but the fragrance actually smells really good and isn’t overwhelming…besides anything made for women that are “born to rule” is cool in our books. The ad campaign has that whole prep school aesthetic that makes us nostalgic of our school days. We love it, so much so, that we’re hosting a giveaway!


Two of our amazing readers will win the Vera Wang Preppy Princess fragrance (3.4 oz retail $75).

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling us a humorous experience from your school days.

Official Rules: This contest is open to USresidentsonly and closes on June 3, 2011 at 1:00 PM PST. At this time a winner will be selected based upon their response. Thank you to Vera Wang for providing the prize and for more product information visit the fragrance’s official site.

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  • colleen b

    when i was a freshman i tripped and fell down the stairs at school.. pretty embarrassing.

  • Michelle C.

    There was a time when I had a huge crush on one of my teachers. I found out his number by calling the operator. During recess and break times, my friends and I would prank call him, and pretend to be different people and speak with funny voices. It was hilarious. Needless to say, he didn’t find out — or did he? :)

  • Sandy

    We thought we would be smart and go toilet paper our friends house. Needless to say he heard us because we were laughing and had the giggles, so he snuck out of his house and egged us. Fun night! Thanks!!

  • Catalina K

    My classmates and I decided to play a prank on our Latin teacher one April Fools’ Day. We agreed that a colleague was to suddenly stand up in the middle of the lesson, point toward the teacher’s desk, where the lady’s fur coat usually rested in winter, and scream to the top of her lungs: “A rat! A rat!”. She did so and we all got up in the middle of the poor teacher’s explanations and began screaming “in fear”. The lady got so frightened that she left the classroom in a storm, closing the door behind her. After a few minutes of spending time outside, she opened the door and asked us if the rat was still there. We said “no” and burst out laughing. She came back in and started shaking her fur coat real hard. All this time we were having a lot of fun! When she eventually realized we were enjoying ourselves, she remembered it was April Fools’ Day and began laughing heartily, too. I still remember that prank, though at least 14 years have passed since the event.

  • https://www.fashionfrugality.com Katie

    Terrible at the time, but funny now: When I was a freshman in high school, I was slightly overwhelmed… I went to a VERY small private school from preschool-8th grade so going to a bigger public school for high school was a bit daunting. Fast forward to a few weeks into my freshman year, I was walking across the parking lot at peek busy arrival time. I was wearing my favorite platform sandals (I was very into the 70′s look at the time) and bellbottom jeans, tripped on a TINY rock and went flying to the ground. And when I say flying… I mean FLYING. My backpack went one way, the books in my hands went another and I felt flat on my face. Not only was I embarrassed, I also ripped my favorite jeans. My first hours was Spanish class – where everyone was talking about the girl who fell in the parking lot…… no one seemed to realize it was me. TERRIBLE! :)

  • Audrey Jeanette Prisk

    Like all teenagers, I was very excited to start my first day of high school; new clothes, new classes, new cute boys… The reality was far from what I wanted it to be.
    My dad was the football coach at my high school and the health instructor…. I was asked on very few dates my entire high school career because boys were too afraid of my father.
    My mom was the accounting teacher at my high school and liked to pop in unexpectedly while I was in class.
    To top it all off, my sister was a senior while I was a sophomore, which means that my ENTIRE family was in my high school my sophomore year.
    The first day, all my teachers knew everything about me and more because of the rest of my family. I was dubbed “Little Prisk” by the football team and I’ve never been able to shake it.

  • C Williams

    High school was very boring.

  • Rebecca

    I had this teacher that, back when I was a sophomore, many students gave a hard time. Well, I wasn’t one to do things to get in trouble but, one of my friends had brought a cherry bomb to school. Well, we went back and forth as to whom was gonna be the one to throw that sucker in class. Well, it ended up being me…I was so nervous that when I threw it towards the back of the class, where my friend was sitting, it busted on her desk! Immediately the smell broke and the whole class was gagging and some were near vomiting and the teacher was soooo angry and told all of us to get out of the classroom. We were all in the hallway and I was the only one laughing my butt off cause of the facial expressions of the teacher and my classmates. Needless to say, my friend was not laughing since the cherry bomb exploded on her desk LOL. She eventually saw the humor in it and we laughed for years after. For some reason, I never got into trouble because of it..I was never even questioned about it. I guess I was just lucky!! Ahhh, the memories.

  • Shannon

    One of my humorous school days stories is that my nickname was “toto” from the wizard of oz. I came into school one day with a horrible perm that was done at home…I never lived down that nickname even when I had straight, straight hair! My friends would say “Your not in Kansas anymore” to me as they walked down the hallway. I just laughed it off and played into it and now anytime there is mention of Wizard of Oz around me I think back to that horrible perm and laugh.

  • stephanie t

    I had just made the cheer leading squad when a cute boy asked me to prove it by doing a high kick…well I did but I fell on my butt. Everyone laughed… So embarrassing! To this day I remember it as one of the most embarrassing moments of my high school life. lol.

  • M Arcelin

    One humorous school event that springs to mind would be the day that the heel off of one of the high heeled boots I wore decided to break of completely..in the MORNING! I essentially spent the rest of day hobbling from class to class on the vast campus looking like a complete goober!

  • veronica

    alright so lets talk about embarrasing moments. i used to work at shoppers drug mart at a cosmetics merchandiser but after coming back from france my spot was taken so i am now a cashier for front store. my first shift back and first shift as a cashier i was feeling kind of sick. just like light headed, sniffles, bit of a headache thought i had a cold or something so i go to work. i work from 7 50 in the morning – and let me point out hat nobody comes to shoppers at 7 50 in the morningor 8 or 9 – so i did alot of standing, my shift was over at 4 but i didnt make it that far. around 2 30 i was about to ask for my last break cause i really felt like i just needed to sit down but suddenly the line got really busy so i wouldve felt bad leaving so i stuck it out. unfortunately, this was a bad idea. in the middle of cashing out a kind woman buying a ridicuouls amount of cat food i realized that she was asking me a question but i had no idea what she was saying. i paged my back up cashier to IMMEDIATELY come to cash 1, im assuming cat food lady was getting annoyed with me seeing as i ignored her question by blankly staring at her and then turned my back to her and made an announcment. soo my backup slowly saunters out of the aisle she was working in and i gave her a death glare and told her she needed to run. she laughed at me like whhy and i was like NO SERIOUSLY RUNN! she got my hint and ran to me but not quite in time. i clapped a hand over my mouth and ran to the staff room but of course there is a stupid lock on the door where you have to punch in the right numbers in order to open the door. i didnt get the code in intime and proceeded to puke on the door of the staff room. with everybody in the very busy store staring at me.

    i found out later that the lock to the door i couldnt get open is broken. so i couldve just opened the door and avoided the whole everyone seeing me vomit bit..

    after all this i was standing in the staff room..covered in nast..not sure what to do now because i wasnt done my shift yet, when a girl walks in and just goes whoa, are you the one who just barfed on the door?

    seriously not looking forward to work this weekend.

  • veronica

    REALIZED it was suppose to be a school story so here: the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me occurred in third grade. If you dont know me, basically, I am one of the least athletic people on the face of the entire planet. I cant run. I cant partake in any sport. Im just terrible. So, during field day, I try to do simple tasks. One that requires as close to no physical activity as I can find. One year, i decided I should do something that involves more than one person, so I dont look like a total fool, since EVERYONE in the school sits outside and watched field day. So, I did the hoola hoop run. Two other girls and I had to run from one end of the field to the other and back, inside of a hoola hoop. No big deal, right? So, As we start running, the other two girls are in the front, and Im behind them. Then, I trip. They dont realize it, so they continue to run down to the end of the fielddragging me behind them. I was holding on to the hoola hoop and my knees were all cut up by the rocks on the ground. When we get to the end, they realize it, so I get back up and begin running againexcept I tripped AGAIN. and they dragged meAGAIN. To make it better, my mom get it on tape. And that concludes the story of the most embarrassing day of my young lifeso far.

  • Kristin C.

    I was sitting in Physics class my senior year and everybody was working on problems, so naturally it was dead silent. I had to sneeze, but I didn’t want to sneeze loud, so I attempted to hold it in…attempted being the key word here. What came out I couldn’t even begin to describe. It was this awkward, wheezy sounding half-sneeze that was a good 10x louder than my sneeze would have been. It scared the crap out of my friend sitting next to me, who jumped, and it even earned me a serious look of concern from the teacher. I got a couple “What the…?”‘s and even a “Wow…” from a few of the students sitting in the class, followed by giggles. My friend asked if I was okay because I was “like, turning REALLY red”. I had to spend the rest of class convincing everyone and the teacher, who at this point was also laughing, that I was fine and I just tried to hold in a sneeze. I’m happy to report that I no longer attempt to hold in sneezes!

  • Bonnie C.

    My humorous experience has to do with geography class. One year we had to learn the latitude and longitude of all the continents, which is pretty hard to do (especially in elementary school). So, to help us remember all the different numbers and how they related, my teacher would make up raps. So, you can imagine our whole class “rapping” the latitudes and longitudes of each continent. Crazy! :-)

  • Michelle S

    I was a real quiet one in school and one day we had been handed a test and we were supposed to hand it in to the teacher after we were finished. I finished my test and tried to get up from my desk but I was overweight. I ended up falling over and boom, bang I went. Noisy as can be, yes I was embarrassed as all jumped but it was funny.

  • Kimberley

    In kindergarten I held a little boy down in the reading tent and kissed him. He screamed and ran out and told the teacher. I got swats with a ping pong paddle!!

  • https://www.KatSwank.com Kat Swank

    I was a dramatic rather, err… “off the wall” child. I was definitely not “preppy”, although I did have my preppy moments. I was an artist born in the wrong place at the wrong time! I went to school in a small midwestern town about 45 min. NW of Chicago, IL. And when I say SMALL, I mean a class of 35 (we’re talking grade school here) and a whopping 67 students in my graduating high school class!
    Anyway, since all the world’s a stage and I fancied myself a star in the making, I was constantly harassed in grade school for showing up in one costume or another, or in the LATEST look (a la my own creation, mimicking fashion magazines I used to smuggle from pennies saved).
    At about the age of 7 or 8 I absolutely fell head over heals in love with Orphan Annie. I was convinced that I was BORN to be Orphan Annie on Broadway! My dear grandmother humored me in all of my creative liaisons, no matter how outrageous, and this time she went all out. Grandma had a polyester Orphan Annie dress made for me- the real deal- and bought me the locket and everything! Soooo… I was so excited and was absolutely sure that when I wore it to school everyone would be pea green with envy. I slept in grandma’s pokey 1950/60s era rollers all night long for the curls (didn’t really look so much like Annie- more like a frizzed out version of Ramona the Pest). And the next day, bleary eyed from lack of sleep, I went to school in my full on Orphan Annie glory!
    I was totally ridiculed and humiliate and never EVER lived that day down! It was just awful. I was mortified but I didn’t give up on costuming or singing! lol. And today when I think back I’m so proud of my young self for expressing myself and throwing myself the sharks like that!
    I don’t sing anymore, but I still design & create whimsical fashion (I’m Kat from The House of Kat Swank). And I live in a part of California where people are much more accepting of my individuality! I’m teaching my 3.5 yr old daughter that she can wear what she wants when she wants (within reason) and to always be proud of her choices no matter what anyone else thinks! ;)



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