May 6, 2011

Instead of Aging, Bottomless Cindy Crawford Straightens Her Hair

By Amy

Cindy Crawford‘s October 2010 cover for Vogue India left everyone raving, but this May 2011 Vogue Mexico cover (with a similar pose) shows you can look badass while going bottomless in your forties! From a fresh faced girl to becoming an internationally known name, calling Cindy Crawford a model is an understatement, because she’s become so much more than just that… An icon for fashion & beauty and a role model for women, it’s comes as no surprise that at age 45 she’s still gracing covers of Vogue‘s around the world.

What is surprising, or rather peculiar, is that Crawford doesn’t appear to have aged much. If you look at shots of vintage Cindy and compare to modern Cindy, there’s no major drastic change–talk about aging gracefully.  The only thing that’s noticeably different is Cindy’s hair, she goes from having electric socket eighties curls to sleek long modern locks. I think hair straightening could be the key to a younger look. Or maybe it’s her pant-less shot? Whatever the case, there’s no denying Crawford’s look has gotten better with age.

I can’t wait to see her cover Vogue in her fifties…I wonder what item of clothing she’ll be missing then? See more shots of Cindy Crawford on MyFDB.

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