Iris Apfel: From Fashion Icon to Jewelry Designer?

May 12, 2011 By Vaneza

As of recently, it appears as if all of Hollywood is getting in on the whole�jewelry�trend (yes, I am looking at you Kate Bosworth and Kate Hudson)…and now Iris Apfel best known for her eccentric style as fashion icon is bringing her designs to the Home Shopping Network beginning today.

The collection named Rara Avis (which means rare bird) by Iris Apfel will include 13 necklaces, bracelets and brooches made of lucite, medal, and precious stones with prices ranging from $20 to $190. I can’t wait to see what the baubles will look like…in true Apfel style- funky and chic all at once!

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  • Juan

    We also Carry the Iris Apfel Collection,� its a completely diffrent compared to the line she has on HSN. The line sells in hign end boutiques and museum gift shops. The line is bold necklaces and bracelets made up of all natural materials such as bone, horn, and natural woods. You can see this line at https://www.shopjewelryaccessories.com



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