Karl Lagerfeld’s “Fairy” Tale Video

May 11, 2011 By Amy

Karl Lagerfeld loves to put on a good show, especially with his puppet, er rather, male muse Baptiste Giabiconi. In celebration of the Chanel’s Cruise 2012 collection, the designer selected Kristen McMenamy, Freja Beha Erichsen, Amanda Harlech and Anna Mouglalis for “The Tale of The Fairy” which he wrote and directed. The 2-part film is all high fashion and high drama! You have to watch it for the full impact, but high points include a topless androgynous Freja who plays the role of the fairy in the film’s title. Trouble making boy toy Baptiste (who’s a little too affectionate with his godmother played by Kristen) gets rebellious in the film by having a wild party. You have to watch part deux, for a sensual scene between Freja and Anna. The best character in the film is Kristen’s role as the godmother, her outlandish high-pitched voice, wild gambling, and affection for young men is pretty hilarious. One of my favorite is scenes is when her and Baptiste talk on her bed and end their convo with a smooch, all while she’s getting her feet rubbed.

You’ll get a good laugh out of the film and think, “Wow, are people really like that?” Yes, they must be, or at least they are in Lagerfeld’s head. “Some people may be shocked. It is a movie about an ill-advised use of money which begins with violence and ends with feeling,” Lagerfeld said of the film.

Watch Part 1 of “The Tale of The Fairy”:

Watch Part 2 of “The Tale of The Fairy”:

Gotta love some great black & white cinematic drama starring haute couture! I wonder if Lagerfeld toasted to the film’s success with a Magnum ice-ceam bar?

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