Lady Gaga’s Gilt-y Pleasure And BFF

May 18, 2011 By Amy

Ridiculous makeup, out of this world outfits, sky high heels, oh and some vocal talent are all parts of the “Lady Gaga” aesthetic. Love her or hate her, the “Fame Monster” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Gilt Groupe, known for their time sensitive designer sales, also loves Gaga; the online site is teaming up with Nicola Formichetti (pictured) for a Gaga curated flash sale. Formichetti is Thierry Mugler’s creative director and one of Gaga’s BFF’s, he’s considered her personal fashion director too. Formichetti’s responsible for many of her outlandish outfits and Gaga returned the favor by strutting the runway in the latest Mugler fashion show.

Back to the Gilt-y party, commencing this Friday Gaga’s monsters can purchase sale items ranging from a one-of-a-kind Mugler dress to tickets to a Theirry Mugler show in Paris.There will also be Gaga experiences up for grabs, but you’ll have to log into to the sale to see exactly what those are.

The sale coincides with the release of Gaga’s newest album, “Born This Way” and to promote the online event Gilt put together this video with behind-the-scenes footage of Formichetti working to curate the sale. More interesting than the sale, is his story about when he first met Gaga on a V magazine shoot and his relationship with her.

For more on the Gilt sale visit their official site.

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