May 18, 2011

Meet Ralph Lauren’s 4th “Lovechild”

By Vaneza

At 71, the famous American designer has 3 children (2 boys and a girl) and a wife named Ricky, who Ralph has been happily wed to for over thirty years. However, after his much anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey this afternoon, it’s appears that Lauren (like others in the media who shall remain nameless) has another “child” whom he seems to be obsessed with: his ranch (also known as the “Double RL Ranch”) located in the mountains of Colorado on 17,000 acres of land (yes, seventeen).

The designer let Winfrey into his (not so) humble abode as this was his first on camera interview in 20 years…and included his entire plaid and denim clad family! Ironically, it appeared as if Winfrey was more excited about the ranch than Ralph Lauren himself, as she told viewers that it was “dream come true” to be on the land.

The ranch-meets-mansion-meets-empire lacked nothing…from tee-pees, whose interiors were decorated in his eponymous home line to large flowing streams, a saloon, multiple patios, and several gorgeous horses, to a three story barn with chandeliers surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. Lauren told Oprah, his life is “not about fashion…[it's] about living” which Oprah seemed to take to heart because she became slightly obsessed with the ranch. She even went on to ask the Laurens’ if they ever felt like they were living in an ad for their own brand because “every pillow [here] looks like an ad.”

In all honesty, the interview made me wonder what Winfrey’s house (or several homes) look like because she seemed to be in complete amazement with Lauren’s…maybe it was the nature or the exclusivity but you could tell that Ralph loved his home…like a fourth child. Oprah only reinforced this idea with two statements as she asked Lauren “When you saw this land, did it speak to you?” and after looking around like an creepy tourist, “It feels…like, holy.”

As much as I enjoyed the up and personal interview with this classic designer, I couldn’t help but chuckle towards the end as Oprah looked over and onto the hills, pointing to nature and saying, “This is life.”

If that’s life, can I please come visit?

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  • https://n/a anna marinho

    I enjoyed the interview very much. I’m not a fan of Oprah. But, I
    am of Lauren. I love his children’s clothes. I really think he and
    his family were sincere. You seem to doubt it.

    Lauren supplies to many middle class outlets (some under different
    names)and the designs and quality are there for all to enjoy.

    I get the impression that you are among those that think “Lauren”
    are only out there for the rich. So, sorry if you do.

    So, sorry for you, too…that Martha has left the KMart scene!!!

    Keep your SAMS membership going. Perhaps, that will make you happy!

  • kate

    I have always loved the Ralph Lauren “look”.However,when he says he is an ambassador for America,I would ask him “then why is it your clothing lines are imported,and not made in the USA”?

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