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May 15, 2011 By Vaneza

If there is one trend I am all about, it’s definitely the idea that “more is more” when it comes toďż˝accessories this season. I have rings on almost every finger, loads of bangles, woven friendship bracelets, cuffs and sillybandz that add at least another 5 pounds to my actual weight…not to mention, they usually angerďż˝securityďż˝at LAX when it takes me about 7 whole minutes to take everything off and place it in the safety bins…oops?

Usually not a fan of the whole theory that “less is more”, I couldn’t help but ooh and awe over Vogue Brasil’s latest editorial titled “Vogue Joias Forca No Ouro” which translates to “Hangman in Gold” (yes, odd I know). I am giving stylist Gďż˝raldine Saglio major kudos for the simplicity of watches and necklaces and am completely obsessed with the shots taken by Thomas Lagrange of the suits and belts. Seriously, as much as I love all the garb on my wrists, I am contemplating just rocking a watch for the next few days…and maybe a super chic belt to match.

Peep the team behind the scene and the editorial on MyFDB.

Professional Team:

Thomas Lagrange Photographer
G�raldine Saglio Stylist
Christelle Cocquet Makeup Artist
Elsa Deslandes Manicurist
Margot Gillet Assistant Stylist

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