Cameron Diaz Loves Her Legs

Jun 11, 2011 By Amy

Did anyone else love Cameron Diaz‘s character as the quirky Christina Walters from The Sweetest Thing? Along with being one my favorite chick flicks, that’s probably my most memorable role of hers to date. Now Diaz has embarked on another quirky film role and makes a point to show off her leggy side in both Elle UK and Cosmopolitan.�She’s currently all over the press because her newest film release, Bad Teacher debuts June 24th. Dressed in not much at all, we meet Diaz clad in tiny white and black pieces for Elle‘s “She Who Dares” editorial and cover. Clearly Cameron does dare to show off her assets, as we also see her in a fringed number for Cosmopolitan‘s “Miss Diaz Does It Her Way” shoot.

You can see Cameron’s full�Cosmopolitan and Elle UK shoots on MyFDB.

The verdict is still out on if her film will be a hit or not. She does have some witty one liners, but I’ve yet to be enticed enough to want to see it in a theatre. Oh, and it also stars her ex Justin Timberlake, who plays her love interest (awkward!) as you can see in the film’s trailer below.

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