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Jun 17, 2011 By Vaneza

Our latest contest comes in right in time to get you ready for summer’s arrival (any day now, Los Angeles) with Malibu Native, a Los Angeles based clothing brand by duo Logan Weinsieder and Marc Rosenbaum. They were inspired to create a line that “draws from the surf heritage of West Coast beaches and the nature-loving fashionistas that frolic on them…to embody the California Dreamer in all of us.” We chatted with the pair about the line and their aesthetic.

As former Abercrombie & Fitch designers, what prompted the transition to launching your own line?
Starting our company and brand has always been a goal. We had a lot of passion for the idea and as we got momentum some of our former A&F coworkers joined us as well. It is great to work with interesting and inspiring people.
Logan: Working at A&F was a great experience and was a place where a lot of extremely creative and productive people end up and cross paths. A&F, especially at the time, was obsessed with brand continuity and having a cohesive brand story, literally creating a brand story for each one of their brands. We wanted to apply the idea of a brand story, and work with it in the context of our own brand and aesthetic. We allow both of our brand stories, respectively, to inform every aspect of the design process in order stay focused on our aspirational customer. While there is some overlap, Marc represents the business side of things, and I work on the creative side. I guess its sort of a left brain right brain pairing that works out well.

After your initial launch of your first line Le Petit Petit, where did the name and idea for Malibu Native originate?
The story of Le Petit Petit is based on Louise Petit. She is the daughter of an American Diplomat and her mother was a French Ye Ye singer. Louise is from Malibu and so while she is obsessed with France she loves the sun and beach of her home town, Malibu, California. Le Petit Petit is higher end and higher concept. Malibu Native represents the surf and California side of our heritage. We saw opportunity to bring some of the higher end fashion ideas of Le Petit Petit to the surf market and so pulled from Le Petit Petit to develop a more price point surf brand based on the richness and natural beauty of Malibu.

With Malibu Native’s aesthetic being described as “radiating from the coast of Malibu to the streets of Paris,” where does your design inspiration stem from?
Louise Petit…she is the type of girl every guy wants and that girls want to be. She is intelligent, worldly, artistic, honest, attractive and a little bit mischievous. Louise’s life spans from her hometown of Malibu to Paris where she would spend her summers with her mother’s family. Malibu also represents the surf heritage while the Paris allows for us to draw from a more urbane fashion.
Logan: The design inspiration for Malibu Native is eclectic. We draw from a lot different places because it’s impossible to know where inspiration may come from. We do a lot vintage shopping, not just for clothes but for anything that feels authentic and rooted in California heritage. Vintage clothes, especially here in Southern California are always inspiring and there is such a rich culture of vintage shopping in L.A. Malibu Native is a mash up of casual California beach culture, with a downtown boho feel so we also look to bloggers for inspiration. And in general anything that feels beautiful and ties into our brand story may find its way into our inspiration.

How do you see the Malibu Native line growing down the line?
In 2010 we launched swim, tees and jewelry and Malibu Native grew to be in all of Pac Sun’s stores. We hope to expand with them in new categories in 2011 and plan to expand into footwear, outerwear, wovens and dresses and also pushing forward the fabrication and design elements of our core categories. We definitely want to maintain close ties to Pac Sun. We have received interest from other core surf and teen retailers as well and so that may be something we look to down the line. People have asked about mens products as well, for now we are sticking to the juniors surf and fashion market.
Logan: I’m excited to expand into some more core surf heritage inspired items, especially vintage fleece inspired pieces.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?
To have a clear goal of where they want to end up…to look at the president of the company and see if that is the type of person you would eventually want to be. Also to be passionate and inspired. We like the idea of making art more than making clothes. Making products that inspire people are more important to us than making money.
Logan: Try to think of the process as a life you want to live, and not a job you have to go to.

And now…it’s contest time!

Malibu Native has partnered up with MyFDB to put you in the mood for summer! Enter for your chance to win a swimsuit and their “the beach hearts me” t-shirt (retail value approximately $100).

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling us what accessories you would rock while wearing this outfit… Anything from sunblock to gold bangles works for us!

Official Rules: This contest is open to US residents only and closes on July 1, 2011 at 1:00 PM (PST). At this time a winner will be selected based upon their response. Thank you to Mailibu Native for providing the prize and for more product information visit their official site.

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  • https://www.twitter.com/Oooh_MayaH Maya

    Love the bikini! While on the sand I’d toss a long sleeve denim shirt over it, roll up the sleeves, and tie the shirt tails to show off lots of skin and legs. Add a straw fedora, some shades, and my polaroid camera to capture the look and I’d be set. With the top, I’d let it hang off one shoulder, add distressed white skinny jeans, and peep toe lace-up grey ankle boots for a Malibu inspired after sunset look. The outfit says a lot so a silver bracelet or two and some aviator glasses would blend in and help the message on the shirt pop. Hair is also an accessory, so I’d wear rock long, loose beach waves and I’m set to go! (P.S. all these accessories are chillin in my closet waiting for that bikini and top to come my way) : ]

  • https://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Babiak/100002223218074 Kelly Babiak

    I LOVE THAT SHIRT! I would wear it with everything!!

  • Anika

    Love the Tee! I would wear it with this silver double chain necklace with 2 hearts. Then 3 0r 4 thin silver bangles to match with it. I would also wear some normal pair of shorts and converse to pull it together. 

  • Shelly

    I would wear the beautiful tee with the bikini under and soak in the sun all day with my hair down and simple makeup for natural look. I would don on a simple gold charms necklace, intricate detailed metal teardrop earrings, skinny gold bangles, and a worn gold ring trio that includes: a white rose, and two diamonds to compliment the tee. To finish off a nice beachy look I’d wear a light wash skinny jean and cute brown fringe boots. 

  • https://twitter.com/FontesVeronica Veronica Fontes

    I created the whole look for what accessories  and look I would rock while wearing the outfits; https://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=32879205

  • Shannon Scott

    I’d rock the bikini with a cute double looped thin beaded necklace and a hot pair of sunglasses. That bikini is too cute and would love to own it! 

  • Nancy reid

     I’d rock the bikini with a White boyfriend shirt, a pair of jeweled switch flops and some chunky
     turquoise jewelry !! eyewonit AT aol dot com


    I’d slip into some brown leather gladiator sandals with a long gold necklace, some aviators and a fedora.  Some SPF 30, a bit of bronzer and otherwise keep it simple and let the bikini take centre stage!

  • Lauren

    I would wear the swimsuit with high-waisted levi lightwash jean shorts, with the beach hearts me” t-shirt maybe cut it from the top give it a little sex appeal but still keep the look of it with leather dark brown sandals with thread bracelets, throw in a cute knitted beach bag with ray bans, and maybe a long necklace with some type of a rock? Hmm(: Verrrry cute though!

  • Stephaniekula

    Would rock these pieces with bead and gold necklaces, bracelets piled high up my arms and killer wedged sandals. 

  • https://nesssavesthedayaway.blogspot.com Vaness

    Love it! Especially that freakin’ adorable tee! I would wear the bathing suit with my white lace cut-out pants as a cover-up & decked out with sparkly gold bracelets & a gold necklace with charms. The tee I could wear over my swimsuit, over skinny jeans or paired with my most comfy beach sweats! Love it! Fingers crossed!!

  • Kathy H,.

    I’d rock the bathing suit with some big silver hoops and a big silver bracelet and slip on a little t-shirt to show off some curves and add some flip flops!

  • Bree

    Very cute bathing suit:) On the beach, I’d definitely add a hat, most likely a classic fedora. And then I would add a loose fitting, long sweater to be used as a cover-up.

  • https://www.facebook.com/people/Erica-Coronado/821897356 Erica Coronado

    If I were presented with Malibu Native summer gear I would rock the bathing-suit with aviator sunglasses, a lavender scarf that wraps around my waist, wedges, and a few bangles. The second look with the black graphic design shirt I would wear that with turquoise shorts, flip flops and a big beach bag : ) 



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