Enter The Fun House Of Hues

Jun 10, 2011 By Amy

What do you think of when you hear the word “fun house”? A creepy, distorted shack full of carnies? That’s what comes to my mind, but leave it to Genlux to take my fun house fears and turn them into something enjoyable with their “House of Hues” editorial which is literally a fun house of fashion trends.I’m intrigued by this kaledescope-like shot where model Laine Jennings looks like she’s getting smashed simultaneously by two reflective walls.

The majority of the editorial encompasses similar shots while showing of brightly hued outfits that I’d love to get my hands on. How killer are those gold heels that stylist Quela Renee pulled? The bright wardrobe in this shoot is just as killer as those shiny fun house walls!

Browse the full editorial and the team behind the scenes on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Martin Kunert Photographer
Quela Renee Stylist
KC Witkamp Makeup Artist
Muriel Mastey Hair Stylist
Robyn Nakasone Fashion Assistant
Robyn Nakasone Fashion Assistant
Frankie Meyerhofer Hair Assistant
Mimi Fuenzalida Videographer
Kevin LaCava Photographer Assistant
Stephen Kamifuji Art Director

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