Every Bride�s Dream Come True

Jun 14, 2011 By Vaneza

It’s springtime, which means love is in the air and the majority of people you know are in talks of weddings…and babies. Even if you aren’t in that stage of your life or trying to�avoid�it, I promise before you know, some friend of a friend will appear on your Facebook Newsfeed as newly “engaged”.

So, the clever folks at the St. Regis New York couldn’t have thought of anything better but a Tiffany & Co. suite. Starting this Thursday,�guests will be able to check into a one-of-a-kind 1,700 square-foot “Tiffany Suite”. From�beautifully�gaudy chandeliers to the signature Tiffany blue to the huge windows that overlook Central Park, this could quite possibly be every bride’s dream come true.

Although, at $8,500 plus taxes a night…it is so wrong to say I’d just take the ring over a night in the suite? Or both. Yes both would work too.

[via WWD]

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