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Jun 3, 2011 By Amy

As an LA-based company, MyFDB loves showing support for local designers that are on the forefront of the industry and develop wearable, yet innovative pieces. Enter One Grey Day. The brand has become known for their chic basics which carry playful twists à la printed graphics and oversized shirts. This is all thanks to President Bradley Davidowitz, whose creative mind we recently picked about the One Grey Day line.

How did you get your start in the industry? If you weren’t in fashion what would you be doing?
I have always had a love for fashion. A few years ago my buddies and I started a graphics inspired line, nothing too serious, just hats, hoodies and tees. I really enjoyed the duplicity that I found in the creative and business sides of the fashion industry; I though to myself ” I want to try this for real”. If I was not in the fashion industry I would be doing something with food or sports, they are my other passions.

Where did the idea and name for One Grey Day originate?
I knew that the inspiration for the collection was going to be clean lines and grey tones… That being said I knew that i wanted “GREY” (spelled like the Brits of course) in the name. So, instead of “One GREAT day” “One GREY day” was born.

How was your creative process different for your S/S 2011 collection verse your F/W 2011 collection?
For S/S we are looking to expand the depth of the collection. One Grey Day will stay true to the concept of playing off of cool basics, but we will do so with more novelty yarns and stitches.

How do you see the One Grey Day brand evolving in the future?
One Grey Day will be expanding the line offering a wider selection of product evolving towards a complete collection of fashion basics, with a twist of course. We will be able to offer more unique sweater stitches and complicated bodies as we continue to grow. The line will still be centered around everyday basics but we will slowly integrate colors, stitches, and unusual drapes. In the near future, One Grey Day plans to partner with some major retailers.

Since you’re Los Angeles-based, where can we find you…
When in need of inspiration?
The golf course… preferably with an ocean view
When looking to get to get together with friends?
A new restaurant in town, there are so many great places to eat and I love to share a memorable meal with people close to me.
When wanting to hit the beach?
This is an easy one… “MALIBU”
Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry professionals?
Find an investor. HAHA!! The fashion industry strives on what is new, both in design and business; but don’t forget to look in the present and past, there are and were a lot of people that knew what was up!

A big thank you to Bradley for the interview and love what you see from One Grey Day? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve partnered with the brand for a giveaway. One lucky winner will win three pieces from th line (retail $550).


The prizes include a a white blazer attached with a sheer shirt underneath (the shirt comes out and can be worn as a vest or top, retail $320), a swift black top (retail $140), and their faces tank ($90), sizes on all of the pieces range from XS-L.

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling us about One “GREY” or “GREAT” memorable summer day.

Official Rules: This contest is open to US residents only and closes on June 17, 2011 at 1:00 PM (PST). At this time a winner will be selected based upon their response. Thank you to One Grey Day for providing the prize and for more product information visit their official site.

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  • C. Williams

    One “GREAT” memorable summer day was when I came to the States for the first time it was really awesome. My email is [email protected]

  • Vfontes10

    One Summer night my friend and I were up late talking on the phone, and I was in the middle of telling a story when she interrupted me saying, “Oh! It’s 11:11, make a wish!” So we both sat there making our wishes in silence, when after a few moments she said, “Okay, I made mine!” in this excited voice like she was a little kid or something. Naturally, I asked her what she wished for and she replied, “I can’t tell you! It won’t come true if I tell you…” to which I replied, “you know the exception to that rule, right?” And she skeptically said, “No… there’s an exception?” So I continued, “Yeah, when you make your wish at 11:11 at the same time someone else does, you tell each other what you wished for when the clock says 12:34, and if you wished for the same thing then it’s guaranteed to come true.” (I had completely made that up). She got quiet for a second, but then responded “There is no way you wished for what I wished for.” I guess she couldn’t help herself, she was so excited about her wish, because when 12:34 rolled around she told me she wished for a new phone. She was so right, we totally wished for different things, lol.

  • Vfontes

      A year ago a friend and I headed over to Morro Bay, California for a week’s vacation.  It was a great week, sunshine, fish and chips, and ocean as far as the eye could see.  On our last day is when we head to the beach.  Our luck, however, that day ended up quite windy and a little overcast, but the clouds against that deep blue sky were amazing to gaze at.  We didn’t let this deter us.  We packed up blankets, food and drink, jackets, and our books and trounced right down onto the sand with the water just a couple of dozen feet away.  Wind was blowing every which way, but we just put up the hoods on our jackets and soaked in the salty tang of the ocean.  After people watching for a bit, I pulled my books out.  Ahhhhh.  This was bliss.  I cracked one open and just let myself go into a world only one of my favorite authors can create.   We read.  We ate.  We read.  We napped.  We read.  We walked down to the water.  We read.  We read until the light of the day faded and we just couldn’t see the words on the page any longer.  It had been the most perfect afternoon I’d had in the longest time and I still remember it to this day.

  • Pokepsi

    My greatest “great” summer day was a beach campfire at my summer camp. Smore’s and friends, all you need! [email protected]

  • colleen

    my great summer day was swimming and BBQing with a bunch of my friends all day long.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  • https://twitter.com/weinberg81 Dave Weinberg

    Two years ago my wife and new son at the time took our very first family road trip over mother’s day already a warm and sunny summer day in our parts.- its was so “great”.  We drove out to Shepherdstown, WV and on the way stopped to visit Antietam battlefield. It’s a day I will never forget: smiles, great fun, hiking, history… We took great pictures all around the wilderness of Antietam then headed off to the decidedly picturesque town of Shepherdstown. Boutiques, fashion, spas, food… this was the part my wife loved.  After being cooped up all winter long with our new son, it was a great day to get out, walk around and pamper herself while I perused with the kid.  If we win, she gets the prize – we had our second son two weeks ago!

  • https://twitter.com/mefink vikki m.

    My great summer day is 4 wheeling and swimming with my hubby and kids.

  • Ladyboarder9669

    Absolutely LOVE the clothes!

    One great memorable summer memory I have is learning how to waterski at Bear Lake when I was about 10. I was so scared and it took a whole lot of tries over a period of a whole weak before I finally mastered it. I fell in love with it right then and there and was so proud as my dad screamed and yelled at me all joyfully from the boat!

  • https://Ironiconic.blogspot.com Nicole

    One “Great” summer day was also a “Grey” one.  Durring the summers I spend time in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Port, but its not exactly a place you can wear your Jimmy Choos. In fact, my inner fashionista had to be put on hold entirely.  You see I was there to work with the orphans.  One day while playing soccer in a grassy field, the sky turned ‘grey’ and it began to rain. It was the type of downpour you’d expect in this subtropic country. But we didn’t stop playing, we just kept the game alive. (Insert: laughter and mud here)

  • Nancy reid

    My great summer day was a visit to Niagara Falls! I had seen postcards of the falls
    but was unaware  of the mighty power and thunderous sound of them. I was awe inspired by the rumbling water and the pervasive mist of the falls not unlike a gentle rainy day. But more than anything else what inspired and made my day great was the perpetual rainbow over the majestic monolith reminding me of the gentle and brilliant power of raw untamed nature blessed with a spirit from above.

  • Anonymous

    One grey summer day I moved to New York City, got lost, found out that I had loud obnoxious roommates, and I got locked out, all while it rained. Grey indeed, but it turned out to be great because I met some wonderful people and I found my independence and made it through. Love these designs, thanks for the chance to win!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  • Heather

    One “Great” memorable day would have to be recently when my boyfriend and I went to Death Valley NP and saw several amazing sights and the ghost town of Ryolite, NV, which I’ve been dying to see (no pun intended) for the longest time. It was so surreal and just plain awesome at the same time!

  • Valerie

    A GREAT summer day was driving to the summit of MT Washington in New Hampshire. It was so cool and the views were spectacular!

  • Monique

    A “Great” summer day was when I was relaxing at the lake and realized that there was nothing  more important to me at that moment that the solitude and peace that I was experiencing

  • Amanda

    a GREAT summer day was when I went to Lollapalooza for the first time last year. 3 GREATEST days of my life! [Gaga, Green Day, Arcade Fire?! What more could a girl want!?]

  • Shay

    A great summer memory was spending time with six of my closets friends in Dominican Republic.  It was planned several months in advance and it was only girls, no boys allowed.  And it was very relaxing to say the least.  We didn’t think we could pull it off because we all have different work schedules to deal with and money issues.  But we were determined to make it happen.  It was well worth it!!  

  • Sarah

    Summer is one large great day all rolled up into one.  I love summer in Orange County and the days spent by the pool, the beach or just out in the backyard with the BBQ, friends and some bottles of wine.  Nothing can bring my spirits down during the summer.


  • achung

    I spent one GREAT summer riding my road bicycle all around Los Angeles with great friends.  Summer time is the best time to ride, especially in Downtown Los Angeles alongside the skyscrapers and empty streets at 2am.  

  • kayla cleveland

    well hasnt happened yet but itll be the best thing to happen to me in summer. my youngest daughters first birthday will be in august so well get to have her party at the lake. my oldest birthday is in december so we cant have hers outside. anyway itll bea great way to end the summer, outside with friends ad family, and celebrating my babys first year of life. and of course shell be loving the presents

  • https://twitter.com/3ofclubs2011 Dayo Ajayi

    I was born in Chicago (on the North side) on June 3rd.  Usually it would have been a fabulous day especially in June.  But, no it was snowing. In June.
    Another great
    One of the best days in my life was when i had my first photoshoot as an offical model of HOP models and talent agency.  The makeup took forever but it was well worth it!! We did three differnt sets and they were all amazing1

  • oohlalala

    Summer 2009 had many great days but one stands out in particular. It was a warm summer night and my greatest friends were just drinking at a friend’s house. When we are all together we just want to keep spending time with each other having fun. We don’t get tired and we never want to sleep. We stayed up with each other hanging out, drinking, watching movies, playing games, and telling funny stories. When 5am rolled around we decided we wanted to watch the sunrise so we took a drive through the Topanga Canyon and went to Malibu. We all sat on the sand watching the sunrise. We spent the day out there on the beach, running around in the water, sleeping and eating. We didn’t have a care in the world and we were with best friends anyone could ask for. That was One Grey Day. :)

  • San D

    I spent one of the GREATEST summer days recently in Mauii at the beach with my husband =) He planned a surprise getaway for my big 30 and it was the most romantic and simple, birthday ever….I cut a small chocolate pastry on the beach with the sun shining down on my bare arms and the waves crashing in the background….that day will forever be etched in my mind. :)


    San (@SS_dal:disqus )

    PS: Thanks for such a fab giveaway. 

  • https://twitter.com/Maggiep48 Maggie Porter

    One of the greatest days was last Summer when I went with my best friend to Nashville and we did touristy stuff. She was getting chemo but we made it fun!

  • Anonymous

    Great sounds.. It could be fun to enjoy summer by doing lot of shopping.. Me and my family were gone outside of the states and enjoyed a lot. I have brought different clothe from there which shows their plenty of culture. Hope i will show out as soon as possible.
    online clothing store



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