High Fashion BMW Advertorial…Really Vogue?

Jun 3, 2011 By Amy

Not being subtle at all in a recent issue of Vogue India you’ll find an advertorial sponsored by BMW titled “Inspiration Flows that shows off the new 6 Series Convertible. If you’re not familiar with the term “advertorial” it’s when an ad campaign and an editorial merge together. It’s pretty common practice for advertisers to have coveted spots in photo shoots or product spreads and sponsoring one or creating one for a mag isn’t a new concept either, the problem is that this is a really bad collaboration which comes off more cheesy than natural. Blatant product placement is annoying and clearly no one even tried to make this look like an actual editorial spread. There’s no background, set, or anything…

This is the only image I like from the whopping seven page spread because I’m more interested in the texture and color of the dress by designer Suneet Varma.

BMW should’ve saved their money and made these images part of an actual campaign for the car because that’s how they feel.This is just as bad as the time Gilt Groupe was splattered all over a Gossip Girl episode.

What do you think…Do you like these ads or find them obnoxious? You can see the rest on MyFDB.

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  • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_3SHPDNZJUNXL6MM2GFMAHIYHFA mary jo g

    No you should have given this shoot to Giuliano Bekor he would have made that shoot pop and want the car and the clothes



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