Hilfiger Debuts Tommy Girl, Forgetting Line Was A 90?s Hit

Jun 1, 2011 By Amy

Every since I saw Tommy Hilfiger‘s latest commercial as part of their rebranding, the company has sparked my interest. But their newest endeavor has me doing a double-take, Hilfiger is planning to launch a new brand extension which will be available at Macy’s: Tommy Girl. This isn’t a re-launch, this a launch of a “new” line from the designer. Too bad Tommy Girl isn’t new… Remember the Tommy Girl fragrance or the branded clothes that were really big in the late 90′s?? Uhh…we’re not going to forget that those didn’t happen and they shouldn’t take the name and pretend like it’s brand new.

I have a feeling their playing it down because the new collection will be targeted at 12-18 year olds, most of whom probably don’t recall the greatness of Tommy Girl. These teens also have money to burn as price points will vary from $32 to $129.

Designer Tommy Hilfiger said of the line, “I am [pleased] about the new Tommy Girl collection. Tommy Girl is our response to consumers wanting quality clothing at affordable prices. The collection has a fun, preppy sensibility that we believe is exactly what our younger customers have been looking for.”

I’m pretty sure that’s probably how Hilfiger felt when the original Tommy Girl brand extension was launched…oh well, looks like a whole new generation of pseudo-preppy teens will be buying Tommy gear when it becomes available this July.


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