Jun 22, 2011

Interview: Giuliano Bekor Flashes His Camera For MyFDB

By Amy

Nude photography, beauty shoots, celebrity shoots and his own blog keep photographer Giuliano Bekor quite busy. Photography is an art we celebrate here at MyFDB and the diversity and bold aesthetic of Bekor immediately caught our eyes, so we had to find out more about the man behind the lens. We recently chatted with the renowned photographer about his work and various projects.

How did you get your start as a photographer? Is this a career path you always wanted to follow?
Photography has always been my great passion, I believe in what I do, although the business has changed so much and become hugely saturated, I am still in love with photography and enjoy working with all clients across the board!

Your images are very vivid and exciting, how would you describe your aesthetic as a photographer?
My aesthetic as a photographer stems from the subject, I love to create stories from what inspires me in the field of art, fashion, my surroundings etc. This then contributes to the overall aesthetic. I am incredibly versatile.

Please tell us about 2-3 of your most memorable photo shoots.
There are so many, I shoot so much artistic work and then on the opposite side work with celebrities, each shoot represents something special and memorable, it’s hard to divide.

What does really excites me the most are the following:
Check out my wild horses and men’s nude art project and beautyMy blog also lets the audience in on the behind the scenes process of my shoots.

Who are some photographers you look up to or are intrigued by?
I love Paolo Roversi, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Paul Jasmin, true iconic artists who are still highly relevant today.

Since you’re based in Los Angeles, where are some of your favorite places to shoot around the city?
I love to shoot everywhere around the world and the city, I’ve been commissioned recently the most to shoot at the beach, which is always great! Water, waves, color, inspires me. There’s so much you can create with liquid, I did an amazing story mentioned before called “into the liquid”. I also love shooting in opulent surroundings.

Where can we find you….

When in need of a cup of coffee…
At my studio (Lightbox), researching and coming up with concepts

When searching for inspiration…
I’m inspired everywhere I go, I love visiting art galleries and book stores, they provide the best form of inspiration. I’m even more inspired when I’m shooting.

When in need of a vacation…
What vacation? There’s no time for a break, I’m always working.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring photographers?
Assist for as long as you can, learn lighting, equipment, study the photographer you are working with, try to create your own skills and remain focused always on set.

A big thank you to Giuliano Bekor for providing amazing insight into the fashion industry. To learn more about the photographer visit his official website and blog. You can also follow his adventures on Twitter @GiulianoBekor.

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