Next On The Bandwagon: Donatella Versace Designing for H&M

Jun 21, 2011 By Amy

It was announced today that Versace will be the next H&M designer line and allegedly this isn’t just any ol’ designer collaboration either, this is an “Iconic Collection.” Iconic, meaning much more noteworthy and exciting than say Lanvin for H&M, Commes des Garcons for H&M, Jimmy Choo for H&M, Sonia Rykiel for H&M…get my drift? While Versace is a huge luxury powerhouse, the word “iconic” was most likely added to ease any reservations Donatella Versace might have had about creating pieces for the retailer. She was quoted in 2008 saying, “because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section. I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand.”

I think the only one confused here was Donatella, because clearly she now sees the huge opportunity to promote her brand to a new audience and achieve tons exposure all over the globe. She also realized dressing Lady Gaga in her new music video would turn heads towards the Versace label. Basically Donatella finally caught on to what all of the other designers already knew…perhaps it was the prestigious Lanvin for H&M line that pushed her over the edge?

Whatever it might have been, good for her, or more like good for consumers, because instead of annoying everyone with teasers, leaked ad campaign shots, etc. H&M is simply revealing what the collection will look like and information about it in the video below. Donatella even closed her Versace men’s show wearing one of her H&M pieces.

The “iconic” in “Iconic Collection” is actually supposed to refer to Donatella’s inspiration behind the collection, which is of course iconic Versace pieces and prints. According to H&M, “The womenswear collection will be dominated by dresses that express the spirit of the season, featuring studded leather, silk and colorful prints, and accessories including high heels and costume jewelry. The men’s collection will focus on sharp tailoring, including the perfect tuxedo, as well as belts and jewelry for men. For the first time in a designer collaboration at H&M, the collection will include homeware pieces including pillows and bedspread.”

Word is the collection is going to be huge and these are going to be some pricey pieces (especially for H&M) and since we all know quality may suffer when a bringing high-end to mass production, I wonder if the “iconic” looks will even be worth it? H&M plans to release the pieces November 17, 2011 with an additional rollout set for January 19, 2012.

Pricey with two rollouts? I’m interested in seeing more the collection, but I’m not interested in digging deep into my pockets for a piece of Versace. Personally, I’d rather have the Missoni for Target collaboration which will be out this fall.

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