Jun 4, 2011

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

By Amy

It’s Saturday and while I love that you’re reading the MyFDBlog, have you thought about going dancing? And no, I don’t mean a nightclub full of scantily clad women, I’m talking about dancing in the traditional sense. Even though I’m pretty much the opposite of coordinated, Arizona Muse is making me want to put on my dancing shoes thanks to her recent Vogue British shoot. Titled, “Lets Dance we follow Muse as she takes on the different forms of dance from ballroom to ballet. Some of the shots have such elaborate costumes and make up, it can be a little tricky to spot Muse.

Here she is looking gracefully and gorgeous. Anyone else think she resembles Disney’s Belle? Because Muse look’s like she’s channeling a scene from “Beauty & The Beast” in that yellow dress above. Although the dancers she’s posing with are no beasts, they’re professionals from the Royal Ballet School. Of course having a pro’s guidance makes things easier, but being silly while learning new moves is all part of the fun. So…who’s ready to put on their dancing shoes?

See the entire shoot and team behind the scenes on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Patrick Demarchelier Photographer
Sam McKnight Hair Stylist
Val Garland Makeup Artist
Anatole Rainey Manicurist
Michael Howells Set Designer
Pascal Dangin Digital Services
Lucinda Chambers Fashion Editor
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