The Most Credited Brands On MyFDB Are Beautiful

Jun 22, 2011 By Amy

The most credited brands on MyFDB aren’t the high fashion ad campaigns that you’d expect, they’re actually major beauty brands. What makes them the most credited? Aside from their own ad campaigns, their products are used in editorial shoots across the globe by makeup artists and hair stylists, hence how they’re able to rack up the credits in our database. Meet our top five most credited brands below.

Bumble & bumble: The company advertises themselves, but their also widely used in shoots like that half naked Bar Refaeli cover.

M.A.C.: The cosmetics brand is known for their eye shot ad campaigns like the Hello Kitty one above and you can’t miss their products in “Bold” editorials.

Redken: Tons of hair stylists rely on Redken and their products are also used on runways as we learned during Paris Fashion Week.

Chanel Beauty: With a high fashion name, ad campaigns that show up in tons of magazines and their products are coveted by makeup artists, it’s no surprise that Chanel is on our list. The dancing robots are just another added bonus.

Dior Beauty: Another haute brand that’s used in tons of editorial and cover shoots…we love the sultry ads from Dior.

Which brand do you like the most?

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