Jun 27, 2011

We’ve Fallen for Katie Fogarty

By Vaneza

Anytime I think of a model falling mid catwalk, I’m immediately reminded of that one “Sex and the City” episode where Carrie totally eats it on the runway. Although in Bradshaw’s defense, she wasn’t an actual model…so when real models fall while strutting their stuff, part of me is humiliated and the other part of me is equally entertained. I mean, I love, love Lindsey Wixson but how hilariously horrible was the tumble (or “tumbles” if you wish) she took? And so I present to you our Model Monday, Katie Fogarty…but first (and most importantly) a video:

Model Katie Fogarty tumbling at the Prada Spring/Summer 2009 show! Luckily she gets help from audience members but then struggles again and takes her shoes off! I can’t help but wonder what she was thinking…perhaps Try and walk, try and walk..Ohmaaahgod Muiccia Prada is going to killl me. Okay, I’ll stop, I do actually feel bad for her…but not that bad because since her fall, her career has only risen. Known for her fair skin, precious pout and large eyes Katie has graced covers, starred in editorial and campaigns such as  Class by Roberto Cavalli Ad Campaign Spring/Summer 2011.

So head on over to her MyFDB profile and check her work out…we promise you’ll fall for her like we did.

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  • Acheron713

    that woman is disgusting. on the plus side, at least she probably doesn’t have a cycle anymore.

  • Asgs

    I love Katie. Don’t hate.


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