From The Runway To Real Life: How To Combat Hair Abuse

Jul 22, 2011 By Amy

Hair spray, curling irons, and hair straighteners might sound like awesome ways to style your locks. However, models can attest that these fun tools are actually damaging to your mane. To combat the craziness of summer hairstyling MyFDB has partnered with Redken, a brand commonly used behind-the-scenes at major runway shows looks like Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, and Balenciaga for an hair raising contest. C’mon, how amazingly awesome were their looks at Paris Fashion Week?



Now on to the fun part, to combat your hair abuse simply answer the question below by leaving a comment on the blog to be entered to win Redken’s Extreme conditioning collection (approx. retail value $80). Your hair will thank you!

To Enter:

Tell us about the worst hair day you ever had.

Official Rules: This contest is open to US residents only. One winner will be selected based upon his or her response. This contest closes on July 29, 2011 at 1:00 pm (PST). The winner will be notified after the close of the contest via email. For more information about Redken, visit their official site.


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  • Rebecca R.

    The worst hair day I EVERY HAD was when I had just past my shoulder length hair and I went into a salon and asked for layers.  Well, I guess they misunderstood because they ended up chopping all of my hair off!  I was left with hair that was maybe 2 inches long all over.  I was devastated, to say the least.  My hair grows slow, so it look about 2 years for it to get back to the length it was.  I never understood what the heck they were thinking :/

  • Rachel H.

    I absolutely love coloring my hair. It’s been blue, purple, pink, red, black, and bleach blonde. Now, I had no issue with my hair freaking out until I left it just bleach blonde. My hair said, “THAT’S IT! HOW’S THIS LOOK?!?”  As my hair is naturally curly, it frizzed the heck out. Searching for anything it can suck up for moisture. It’s most awful around my temples where my curls are the most extreme. Now, those curls are frizzed far out in search of an oasis. I’m afraid to straighten it with a flat iron it since it would do more harm than good. So, I’m hiding this monstrosity under a bandana until it gets better.

  • Nancy Reid

     OMG The worst hairday I ever had was many years ago when short curly perms were in style.
    Although I was hesitant, I decided to go forward with it since I was assured it was the thing to
    do for a fresh towel dried tousled look that would be so cute and I had a toddler. My long sleek hair came out looking worse than a  brillo pad. I looked like Harpo Marx.  It was sooo short that I had to wait for it to grow out. Suffice to say I collected a number of hats and hairbands during that process. TWENTY years have passed and I have kept the promise I made back then. I will NEVER get a perm again.

  • https://justfabuless.blogspot.com/ Lisa S

    oh this is an easy one… many years ago when i colored my own hair out of a box (now i get it done professionally — using Redken products of course) it turned orange. Bright, on fire, unnatural orange! i went to the store to buy a box of brown to tone it down and a child literally screamed when he saw me.

  • Anonymous

    Everyday is the worst hair day ever in this TX heat and humidity!! Need all the help I can get with my frizzy hair! xo

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  • Megan H

    In 9th grade, I went to the hair salon to retouch my roots. I was a bleach blonde at the time for the record. The lady tried, and they turned golden. It looked very awkward and unlike the other time’s ive had my roots retouched. I then told her to dye my hair a shade or two darker to make match. After that, it turned dark green! I was horrified. So she continued to color my hair over seven times that day! I arrived around lunch time, and didnt leave until 8pm. In the end, my hair was brown with a green hue and looked like straw. She even had the nerve to make me pay for the hair cut (not the color). My hair was damaged like straw for almost two years. It was the worst hair YEAR of my life.

  • Cora S

    So, just earlier this year, around February, I wanted to lighten back up my hair, which was dyed black.  When I went to a salon, they told me it would cost hundreds of dollars to strip the black — And as a college freshman, there was no way that was happening!  Instead, I found a girl on my campus that would do it for under 100.  To my horror, as the process went on, it became evident that this chick wasn’t as experienced as she claimed.  By the time she was done, my hair looked like a circus act.  Parts of it were black, parts were red, some of it was brown, and my roots were PLATINUM BLONDE.  It was humiliating.  Not only did she make me pay for it, but I ended up having to pay for even more to get it fixed (by a real hair stylist.), and it still wasn’t completely one color.  I was broke, and my hair was damaged beyond belief.  I finally understood what it means to have hair like straw.  The ends would break off in my hand.  Total nightmare.  Now, in July, I’m still trying to build it up to the strength it had before this awful ordeal.  It’s getting there, but I want my old hair back!

  • Alisa

    Haha, worst hair day? In elementary school, I decided I wanted to grow out my short bangs, because I wanted to look older and like my classmates (most of which did not have bangs at the time). Well, I don’t think my bangs liked that very much. They were constantly frizzy and crazy.  My bangs also kinda looked like antennae when my family visited relatives over the summer in the hot, humid weather of China. They liked to stick in weird positions, and I did not care enough back then to use bobby pins or hair clips! Now, looking back at the pictures, I can really see how ridiculous I looked back then.

  • https://twitter.com/6irly6irl Faby

    My worst hair day was when I was in high school and thinking I was the smartest of the bunch. All my friends were getting high lights in their hair but I wasn’t allowed since I wasn’t of “age” still. So one day after school while my mom was at work I asked our maid to high-light my hair with a home kit I had bought from Big Lots! I swear that thing was probably expired already!
    Oh my god, it wasn’t even freakin’ foil, it was one of those things were you pull your hair from a cap that has millions of little holes.  Our poor maid was so nervous telling me my mom would fire her because she might mess up my hair and I kept on begging her to do it anyway.
    Well needless to say, I didn’t know I was supposed to buy a hair dye for after the highlights. When she finished with my high-lights, half of my super long hair had fallen off, and I ended up with bleached circles in my dark, stringy, moppy hair. So I get my “beeper” and send a 911 message to a friend of mine to lend me money to go buy another hair dye before my mom got home. This time I got the darkest color I could find at the drug store. After I dyed it, I had purple circled high-lights, I was on the phone desperately calling the customer service number on the hair dye box, and they said I had to get a professional to “fix my problem.” When my mom got home she FREAKED out and grounded me until she took me to a professional to get my dark color again. I kept wearing a hat to school for about a week and a half due to the embarrasement but you could still see part of my messed up hair under the hat!

  • https://twitter.com/JoshuaRyan_ Joshua Ryan

    I have 2 actually… One is when I dyed my hair red and it came out clown red/pink and another was when I went to get my weave done… The next day I washed it, half of my weave came out!

  • Katherine

    Once I went to a local hair salon. I came out with stringy hair and a random lock on the back of my head that was 3 inches longer than the rest of them. I only noticed until my friend pointed it out to me. Also, the point of getting my hair cut was to cut of the split ends. She ended up not taking any of it off and I currently still have split ends because it was pretty recent. It’s safe to say that I will not go there again.

  • Shawna

    About 1.5 years ago, my dark roots where really showing and I decided I would by some color at the drug store and save money and do it myself. Well, I bought Light Ash Brown and the results where that my hair looked a horrible Grey color.  As an  Administrator in the health care field with lots of responsibilities such as 30 employees to manage, long working hours and endless meetings and state surveys, I could not just call in sick and hide until I could get my hair fixed.  So many of my professional colleagues saw my horrible hair and I was so embarrassed.  It took me a few days to get an appointment and fix my hair.  On the positive side, I learned my lesson and I will never ever color my hair myself again.      

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