Joe Jonas’ Prickly PAPER Appearance

Jul 6, 2011 By Amy

Joe Jonas is known as the attractive Jonas Brother, therefore he’s the most interesting (I know, it’s a shallow world we live in).PAPER magazine seems to share my interest and put Joe on the cover of their summer issue. Now I realize its hardly news for the attractive Jonas brother to land a cover, but this isn’t your typical magazine cover. It’s for PAPER, a hip, trendsetting popculture publication that has characters like plus-sized Beth Ditto and comedian Aziz Ansari gracing their cover. The teeny-bopping king hardly fits PAPER‘s demographic…or does he? His editorial is dubbed, “Solo Star Joe Jonas Has Grown Up – and So Has His Music ” which leads me to believe he might actually have (gasp!) talent! Although, I haven’t actually heard any of his solo music, but I can recall catchy Jonas Brothers hit, “SOS.”

In his editorial, we see Joe getting friendly with some cacti. (Someone should really tell him to be careful.) It’s a strange shoot, as its not safe to be bouncing around a prickly plant barefoot or in a suit, but hey, Joe Jonas can do whatever he wants sans his (other) brothers.

See more of Joe Jonas’ shoot and the team behind the scene on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Jaqueline Di Milia Photographer
Joseph Turla Stylist
Johnny Hernandez Groomer

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