MyFDB Exclusive Interview: Enter Designer Wayne Lee’s World

Jul 19, 2011 By Amy

Designer Wayne Lee‘s world consists of immaculately tailored minimalistic pieces with innovative detailing. Her looks have modern and creative twist and you’d never guess this rising design star was once a medical student. MyFDB recently talked to Lee to gain more insight into her work and her Wayne collection.

With many of your pieces being minimalistic with futuristic accents, what influences your aesthetic?
Science fiction novels (William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Phillip K Dick), electronic/alternative music, and modern technology.

Having previously been enrolled in medical school at Berkley, what motivated you to withdrawal and move across country to New York?
During my second year enrolled in medical school, I realized that it wasn’t my cup of tea and I quickly withdrew and moved back to New York. I started working with Barneys New York quickly after and stayed there for five years.

How has your experience on the business side of the industry as a buyer for a major retailer impacted the success of your line?
My experience as a buyer has provided me with the merchandising knowledge that I need to create and produce a successful line of clothes that’s creative, affordable and wearable.

What prompted the transition from buyer to designer?
I felt that it was the next challenge for me.

With New York being a hub for fashion, who are some designers you look up to?
I really admire Calvin Klein. I like that the collections are modern and elegant.

Please sum up the Wayne woman in five words or less.
Modern. Creative. Comfortable. Affordable.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?
“Never, never, never quit.” -Winston Churchill

It’s always exciting to hear how someone got into the fashion biz. A big thank you to Wayne Lee for taking the time to talk to MyFDB and check out more of her designs on her official site.

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