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Jul 15, 2011 By Vaneza

Style Wax Poetic is a Los Angeles based blog written by Kristen Cohahan, which covers the latest in trends, fashion and music. According to her site, Style Wax Poetic was inspired to exist from the romanticized notion of fashion being a true art form of expression. Wax Poetic is usually used to describe the melodic words in poetry or music but fashion, in it’s best form, can be as fresh, melodic and transcending. So if that’s what your in search of in a Weekend Read (and who isn’t?) head to Style Wax Poetic! But before you do, peep our interview with Kristen.

How did you decide to start a blog? And where did the idea for its name come from?
Fashion has always been something that came natural to me. I love putting together different colors and patterns, at any budget. That’s one thing I strongly believe in – you don’t have to be super well off to look good and I try to incorporate that notion in my blog. My friends and family have always asked me for advice with fashion. Blogging was an easy way to give advice to multiple people at once. Trend forecasting & writing are hobbies of mine as well, Style Wax Poetic was a perfect way to bring it all together.
Are you a full-time blogger or can you tell us about your 9-5?
I wish! Ahhh, that would be nice. I blog really for the fun of it & I would love to transition more into magazine writing down the line. But for now, I work in public relations – mainly in the fashion industry. I really love it for the fact that I know how hard brands/designers work on creating products they believe in. They just need someone to get the wonderful things they create out there. It’s a great high to have the opportunity to help the designers reach a large audience and grow. When a big media outlet or stylists responds with an interest in a story, it’s really exciting. Then to see it go live and see the designer become elated with joy & pride, it’s an even greater high.

Sum up your personal style in 5 words or less.
Hippie chic with an edge.
What is your perfect or ideal weekend like?
Saturday mornings I usually do a long hike through Griffith Park to start my day, definitely some blogging and/or shopping at some point, a long dinner group of great friends, lots of laughter and maybe if we are up for it, dancing!

Awesome, sounds like a fabulous time! Thanks once again to Kristen Conahan for taking the time to chat with us. As always, don’t forget to check out her blog, Style Wax Poetic and follow her on Twitter.


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    • Johanna Solomon

      Congrats on the coverage! You obviously have a natural ability for what you do as your style is unique and classic. You are definitely ahead of  your time leaving you plenty of room to pave the way for other female greats such as yourself!!! XO

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