Textile Time: From Sour Milk To Silk

Jul 28, 2011 By Amy

If “milk does a body good” then turning into clothes can only make that body look better! Fashion designer and biologist (that’s quite the combination) Anke Domaske has developed a method of turning sour milk into eco-friendly yarn which can then be made into fabric.

Domaske explains, “milk is a wonderful, natural raw material. The special thing about milk is that is has a lovely silky feel. The fabric falls wonderfully, and it’s cheaper than silk.

The best part of her clothes, besides being good for the environment, are that they are actually fashionable. Considering silk is known for damaging the environment with pesticides and its fabric making process, to attain a similar feel with something as bountiful as sour milk is revolutionary. Her pieces start around $290, which is affordable for the eco-luxury market, but for the “I’m on a budget” market the cost feels a little steep.

You can see more designs and the milk to fabric process in the video below featuring the youthful 28-year-old German designer.

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