Write in Style Thanks to McQueen

Jul 21, 2011 By Vaneza

So call me old school, but I religiously live out of my planner; I’m probably one of the only people I know who has yet to transfer their entire life onto their iPhone. There’s just something about the act of writing that I miss given that I’m on a computer for almost my entire day.

If you’re like me you thought (at least for a quick second) the exclusive set of pencils inspired by Alexander McQueen‘s Spring/Summer 2010 collection and the Savage Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New Yorkcollection were pretty cool. And then you thought about it a little more and wondered, wait…who writes in pencil anymore? Exactly. The pencils, which are available online at Colette, won’t set you back much they are a little less than 5 bucks a pencil…but still? I mean, why didn’t they just brand really cool pens? Now that I can roll with.

What do you think?



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