Anyone Else NOT Excited About Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s?

Aug 4, 2011 By Vaneza

Call me crazy but I’m kinda sorta reeeeally over the whole designer/brand collaboration deal. It was cool a while ago, but now I feel the market has just becomeover-saturatedwith collabs…and while yes, it’s nice that consumers can afford high fashion like pieces, I also feel theexclusivityand the quality of these items lessens.

The latest collaboration which everyone but me seems to be excited about is Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s “Impulse” department. And yes, while I love both partners in this collab, I think they should remain separate. Last night Macy’s previewed the collection which consists of 45 items including simple dresses in sharp cuts ad slouched tees (all very Forever21-ish dare I say). The collection is priced between $50 to $170 and goes on sale in 235 stores and macys.com on August 31.

So will you be waiting at the mall doors for Macy’s to open with everyone else who is counting down the days?Check out the gallery for more.

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  • MELLO!

    it is almost like forever 21 clothing!!! What I hate about collabs is that it always seems like a random person designed it; not someone as great as Karl.
    And I can never understand target collabs; its always so cheap looking!

  • https://twitter.com/eyemusing

    I’m with you. I’m not too excited over this line, and I am pretty over collaborations. With so many designers doing it, the appeal has lost it’s luster. Why am I going to buy something that either looks like it could be found in Forever 21 or will inevitably be ripped off by them anyway (ex: Proenza Schouler for Target boustier was later seen inside F21)? I pay for design, quality, AND exclusivity – not the brand name. That said, there are a few cute pieces, but I’m not going to scramble for them. Maybe I’ll wait for a sale or something.

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