Inappropriate To Put Young Models In Lingerie?

Aug 16, 2011 By Amy


After featuring 1o-year old model Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau and the controversy surrounding her “risque” modeling photos, we came across French lingerie line Jours Aprčs Lunes. The company’s catching media attention by putting tiny tots in little clothing. This new crop of young models appears to just be having fun playing with makeup whilst hanging out in the brand’s new “loungerie”. The loungerie isn’t sexual and the ads do not appear suggestive, but is it okay to be exposing young girls to these kinds of images?

Personally, I think it’s how you look at it, the girls are just having fun and the images aren’t meant to suggest anything otherwise and the clothing appears age appropriate. It’s not like these girls are hanging out on the street, they’re in their own bedroom. Plus, who didn’t play with makeup when they were younger?

What do you think of the ads? Cutesy or inappropriate?



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  • https://twitter.com/malemadilema Malema Dilema

    Lingerie is directly linked to sex – women wear it to feel sexy and to be sexy for men. Little girls should NOT be wearing them.

  • John

    Exposing LITTLE girls to this type of overly sexual clothing is tantamount to taking away their childhood.  Let them develop naturally.   Look at the 15 year old in London that is pregnant after starting modeling at 12.   

  • Donna

    A girl playing makeup in the safety of her own home is one thing. Advertising these girls playing makeup in lingerie is quite another. I’m sure this is a happy event for all the pedophiles of the world.

  • Fernando

    Most of this is like I see little girls wearing at the beach and its OK. If it were sheer and silky, that would be lingerie. Hey, this is 2011 and they are having fun. 

  • Regs264

    There comes a point where you have to draw a line. To me, these images turn the girls into sex objects and it is not fashion forward, not progressive and in fact it’s a bit disturbing. Call me out of touch, or old fashioned or what have you but there is nothing positive to be gained by using girls this young in this way. 
    Oh, wait, I’m sorry, this is one thing to be gained… money! And isn’t that what it’s all about, regardless of the cost? 

  • AK47

    This is a French company. Lingerie is French for “underwear.” Nothing to do with sex. 

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  • Col

    Lingerie may not be about sex, but the connotations of the imagery sugest provocation, the marketing & PR people for these company knew exactly what they were doing, they wanted high exposure and ended up exploiting child models.   Children are children, regardless of whether their models or not, these models parents should be ashamed of themselves.  These ‘kids’ should be at home playing, exploring their childhood, not being used as a propaganda in order to boost a companies sales. 

  • Happytime

    WAY TO YOUNG to wear this type of stuff..
    But you can’t blame the kids…
    IT’s the PARENTS who need to wake yp…….



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