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Aug 5, 2011 By Amy

It takes a confident person to wear shoulder chains and a single long earring chain come alive. Who’s making this edgy, yet beautiful pieces? That would be Kate Power [pictured below], the creative design force behind Fleet Jewelry. The collection definitely appeals to a woman who is very fashion forward with a rock’n’roll flare. Recent fans of Fleet include Keri Hilson (she donned a “Creep” hair clip in her music video “Lose Control” ft. Nelly), Sarah Neufeld of Arcade Fire, Kate Lamphear (Style Director for Elle magazine), Maja Ivarsson (lead singer, The Sounds), and up-and-coming Hollywood starlet Jamie Chung (actress, The Hangover 2). Seeing as how Fleet is gaining quite the following, MyFDB jumped at the chance to dive into Power’s stylish mind.

Having been designing jewelry for over eight years now, how did the brand “Fleet” originate and what prompted the name?
I think as any kind of artist – there comes a stage in your life where you choose to let it go out into the world fearlessly. Just over a year ago with the inspiration and support of a few talented, relentless and beautiful warriors, Fleet was born. So much of what goes on when you start anything is like a rabbithole – uncertain of the path before you. Having one or two principles that rest in the very pulse of your soul has been everything. A Fleet is a pack, moving with velocity in the same direction – the direction for this Fleet is about ferociously following your dreams. The line is about the way it moves with you on this adventure that is life, and how you move with it. There is a movement amongst us and that momentum is really responsible for Fleets inception.

You’re quoted as saying you “like designing jewelry in a closet.” With that being said can you tell us about your design process?
Life, friends, music, adventure, films, design, is what gives this whole thing fuel.

I watch people around me a lot. I’m fascinated by body language and the way people show up in the world. I’m particularly drawn to those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. People at bus stops, The dancer with headphones on the metro, Buskers on street corners, Goodb”eyes” at airports. Musicians I find to be the a great example of this – My best designs come to me when I’m at live shows and smashing around. I know how the design will move with me in my imagination.

Collecting all these moments of inspiration is a very outward experience, but to bring them together into cohesion is such a solitary process. Hence the tiny nooks otherwise known as the closets I retreat to in order to create.

A portion of Fleet’s sales go to HEARme, how did you become involved in this organization?
Fleet is a brand with an unwavering intent to influence and propel those it touches through the connection of life and music. Music is everything over here. I consider it the most honest language for communicating – a note, a tone, or a frequency is way more powerful than any given word and proppels movement in it’s listeners.

HEARme is an organization that has created an international network that provides orphans and marginalized children with retrofitted recording studios with which they can create, record and speak the language of sound without barriers.
When I first got to LA – down some fateful rabbithole I was introduced to the founder of HEARme, Shae D’lyn. A beautiful relationship was born and being aligned in one another’s principles gave us both velocity in the same direction. This is THE most exciting project to us and is directly related to music, movement, and interconnectivity.

Which pieces of jewelry do you find yourself unable to leave the house without?
Hairchains and bootbelts. I love the feeling of metal links in my hair – I clip a few of them in for night time adventures. Bootbelts add a certain swagger to your step I can’t live without. The SS Mosshart Hairchain is a staple and goes with everything and The Last Dance Bootbelt – of course.

How would you sum up the brand’s style in 5 words or less.
Fleet. Looks Good. Feels Better.


We like Fleet’s style so much that MyFDB has partnered with the line to giveaway Kate’s staples, the SS Mosshart Hairchain ($73) and The Last Dance Bootbelt ($92).

To Enter:

Follow both @MyFDB and @FLEETjewelry and tweet the phrase below:

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Official Rules: This contest is open to US residents only. You must be following both @MyFDB and @Fleetjewelry for your tweet to be eligible. A winner will be notified via direct message after the contest closes on August 15, 2011 at 1:00pm (PST). For more information on Kate and Fleet visit their official website.

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     Time for some rock’n’roll flare in my life. I’m entering the @FLEETjewelry #contest from @MyFDB! https://myfdb.it/5WkvC  


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